4 Ways to Utilize Corporate Social Responsibility at Your Business Event

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4 Ways to Utilize Corporate Social Responsibility at Your Business Event

In today’s world, it’s crucial to make social responsibility a priority, especially for businesses. Corporate social responsibility plays an integral part in considering how well a business fits in with its target audience.

Did you know that 80% of people around the world have greater trust and purchase intent in businesses that practice corporate social responsibility? With that kind of number, you may be thinking of how you can take advantage of showcasing your own company’s successes in helping the community.

Fortunately, bringing your corporate social responsibility superpowers to a business event is the perfect way to show how important servicing the world is to your company. We’re sure you, like most companies, have a Corporate Social Responsibility plan outlined which touches on topics like the environment, health, welfare, technology, or education.

So why not get everyone involved at your next corporate event? We promise it’ll do more for your business than make guests feel good!

Let’s first talk about how corporate social responsibility can benefit your next event.

Media coverage
Think about all the good publicity you’ll get, both on news outlets and social media, when incorporating corporate social responsibility at your business event. This will improve your reputation and attract more socially conscious customers.

Breaks the ice
Let’s say part of your social responsibility activity requires attendees to work together on a project. Now your sales team and marketing coordinators can be face-to-face with potential clients or stakeholders. It’s the perfect opportunity to advertise your company further.

Employee Spotlight
Not only will guests feel the spirit, but also your employees. Corporate social responsibility activities give employees the chance to show their softer sides to both you and customers in real time.

Perhaps you’re trying to raise money to build a new health center in the local community. This cause won’t go unnoticed by guests. You’ll stand out by not just focusing on turning people into customers, but on turning the world into a better place.

While the advantages of corporate social responsibility are many, you first have to figure out how to use it the right way during events.

How to Use Corporate Social Responsibility at Your Business Event

  1. Engage with local charities
    Set up a time during the meeting to create something special for those in need. A service project can be an impactful way to show corporate social responsibility in the community. It can take up as much time as wish while still allowing you to stay within the event venue. Survival kits for communities with traumatic weather events and care packages are just some of the projects your employees can do to make a difference.
  2. Sponsor a service project
    Collaborate with local officials to sponsor a service project. Set aside a couple of hours for activities like painting local park benches, cleaning up graffiti, litter removal from a local playground, etc.
  3. Team building event
    Create a project that focuses on the local community. Introducing a fun team building project gets attendees energized while boosting their creativity and collaboration. Bike build-offs or home construction projects are always fun team building events that also give back.
  4. Add a challenge
    Challenge your guests to a donation contest. Break down the attendees into groups and identify a few different ways they can donate. The team that makes the most significant impact wins a prize. Examples include donating school supplies, shoes for children in low economic areas, medical kits, and more.

Corporate social responsibility encourages positive change in the world. From a CEO to a secretary, it’s essential for businesses to set aside their bottom line at business events for a time to show what they’re made of. Remember, a business’s legacy is also about how it helped shape the world into a better place.

Illustrate to potential clients, stakeholders, and employees how corporate social responsibility embodies your business through rewarding, impactful activities. Put on a business event that no one will forget!

Have questions about utilizing corporate social responsibility at your next business event? Contact us today. Our seasoned team will be happy to help!

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