Corporate Meeting & Event Planning

Venue Sourcing

MGME finds locations that make jaws hit the floor. 

From cultural fit and ambiance…to meeting room access and flow management…to networking and collaboration space—our sourcing experts think of everything. We search for the hidden gems and unexpected locations in each market. Using decades of event experience, we choose locations not just based on what’s there, but how we can transform it through our creative and production magic. We know where the opportunities for value-add are, where to save costs, and when to ask for concessions.

  • Destination Research
  • Site Selection
  • Leveraged Negotiation & Contracting
  • Contracted Cost Concessions and Avoidance
  • Contract Liability
  • Compliance
  • Risk Mitigation

Contract Budgeting and Management

Our goal is to convert your costs into investments.

Using 25 years of expertise and leverage with vendors and partners worldwide, our spreadsheet gurus craft and fine tune contracts that provide highly negotiated cost savings and concessions that you won’t get from other agencies.

  • Budget Development
  • Customized, Real-Time Tracking and Reporting
  • Upfront Identification of Financial KPI’s
  • Thorough Budget-vs.-Cost Tracking Detail
  • Savings Analysis

Air Travel

Our in-house travel team provides cost-efficient corporate travel management and reservation services—24/ 7/ 365.

Backed by decades of travel industry relationships and global buying clout, our corporate travel management team negotiates highly favorable rates for our clients. Then, we deploy the most advanced and appropriate tech available to generate on-demand reports, maintain detailed financial tracking, and ensure your team has what they need, when they need it, in order to arrive safely at their destinations.

  • Domestic and International Reservations
  • Full-Service Corporate Travel Management
  • Travel Policy Guidance
  • End-to-End Flight Plan Coordination
  • Group or Individual Planning Services
  • Group Purchasing Power
  • Change Management Services
  • Bi-lingual Support
  • Customized Billing Available
  • Detailed Customized Reporting

Strategic Meeting Management

MGME has offered Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) services long before there was an industry term for it. We have been coaching our F500 clients on meeting consolidation programs based on measurement, analysis and refinement for years, helping them implement proper controls and tracking while still offering creative events with “wow” factor.

  • Centralized Technology Portal
  • Consolidated Global Hotel, Venue and Vendor Sourcing
  • Detailed Budget Management
  • Transparency of Spending
  • Cost Savings
  • On-demand Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Risk Mitigation


Incentive Awards Trip in Barcelona

Incentive Awards Trip in Barcelona

Our client needed to inspire a group of well-traveled individuals with a new and exciting experience...