Janet G. McMahon, HMCC

Senior Vice President, Meetings
Meetings Management

Janet was a part of the team that formed McVeigh Associates in July of 1990. Janet secured and continues to be the main client contact for Fortune 500 accounts which continue to grow and remain as MGME’s key and flagship accounts.

As one of the Senior Vice Presidents, Janet oversees Account Managers and their respective meeting planning teams who manage complex, international programs. The client business portfolio includes internal sales and marketing programs, client hosted investigator meetings, and very high – profile incentive and management programs. Her client service/management responsibilities also include delivering requests for proposal and contracting for new clients, business forecasting, site selection, contract negotiations, preparing quarterly reports, analysis of client spend and savings, overseeing governmental regulatory adherence, as well as superior program implementation and financial management. Janet has been integral to the overall marketing and sales processes and the growth of the company.

Prior to joining MGME, she was the Executive Assistant to the President and General Manager at Travel Destinations Unlimited of New York.