Jeff Guberman, HMCC

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Guberman is the CEO of McVeigh Global Meetings and Events and was instrumental in the formation of the new company. He brought together a unique combination of skill sets and services in McVeigh Global Meetings and Events, WorldTek Events and McVeigh Associates. He has a deliberate vision to lead the company through the implementation of efficiency initiatives and growth strategies.

Jeff’s industry success is evident throughout his prosperous history of founding and leading McVeigh Global Meetings and Events (a meeting and events company catering to Fortune 1000 clientele), Dynamic Drape and Décor (a drapery rental company to the events industry sold in 2014) and Formset (a scenery rental business to the events industry sold in 2016).

Jeff is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program and applies his learnings to help his team of professionals achieve new levels of success.

Jeff enjoys spending time with his kids, practicing Jiu Jitsu and riding his motorcycle.