Steve Casley, HMCC

Executive VP of Business Development
Marketing & Sales

As the Executive Vice President of Business Development for McVeigh, Steve focuses on the creation of long-term value for existing client partnerships and the development of new client relationships where McVeigh can deliver unparalleled innovative solutions that help our client partners achieve and exceed their goals.

Prior to joining McVeigh, Steve was the Chief Executive Officer of WorldTEK Events. In June of 2018, WorldTEK Events and Fourth Wall Events merged and, together, acquired McVeigh Associates to form McVeigh Global Meetings and Events. Prior to WorldTEK Events Steve held numerous executive positions in a wide variety of companies.

I have learned invaluable life and business lessons from my three favorite hobbies golf, aviation and hockey – from golf, your most important shot in life and business is not the last one, it’s the next one – from aviation, there is nothing more worthless than runway behind you – from hockey, hard work beats talent every time talent doesn’t work hard!