Susannah Maurer

Head of Creative
Creative Services

Idea conjurer, storyteller, hunter/gatherer, language artist: Susannah brings over 20 years of experience developing imaginative concepts and solutions for Fortune 500 companies across the full spectrum of business communications and events.

Inspired most by the power of human connection and the magic that transpires when new ideas come into being, Susannah brings a highly collaborative approach to her projects. Right now, she’s looking forward to working with you 

Professional Accomplishments:

Susannah has had the opportunity to work with Penn & Teller, the MythBusters, William Close & the Earth Harp Collective, Le Ombré (shadow performers), TED Talks presenters, and a multitude of other extremely talented artists.


Susannah graduated Binghamton University with a BA in Literature and Creative Writing

Susannah is a native New Yorker and will some day get a driver’s license. She has never owned a dishwasher or learned how to use a washing machine that doesn’t take quarters, but she does own three bicycles.