Tom Ciccone

Business Development Director
Marketing & Sales

Tom Ciccone is responsible for new client acquisition initiatives aligned with Associations and Commercial events. Tom leads MGME’s sponsored partnership outreach that involves communication and messaging strategy, campaign management, event advisory and conception, and client relations.

Tom began his events career at Insight Cuba where he worked with organizations who were seeking innovation through legal exploration of Cuban culture. Over the last 9 years, Tom has worked in the events industry at WBR, GreenPearl Events, Landmark Ventures and now MGME where he partners with Association and Commercial Industries to facilitate their goals of providing their networks with leading edge digital and live event experiences..

Tom earned a bachelor’s in Psychology, Fine Art and Art History from the City University of New York.

Career Highlights

  • A career in event advisory and sales spanning over a decade.
  • Supported tradeshows, conferences, and meetings in information technology, cyber security, industrial technology, utilities, logistics, data management, real estate, corporate social responsibility, hospitality, digital media, marketing, publishing, ecommerce, investing and more!
  • Host, Speaker, and Moderator of digital and live CIO events.
  • Providing People to People Tours to Cuba through sales and as a tour leader.
  • Organizer and supporter of firm wide DEI initiatives.
To learn more about MGME’s events and our work with associations, you can contact Tom at 646.359.2594 at any time – he might even answer while climbing outdoors, running a Tough Mudder, cycling, playing games or taking a ride on his motorcycle.