The most effective meetings are always those that are properly planned. If you’re a business owner or part of a business team, you undoubtedly know that every meeting has numerous fine details that need to be accounted for. Sometimes these fine details get neglected and meeting productivity decreases. To ensure that you and your team are as productive as possible when planning your meeting, follow these three simple strategies:

Strategy #1: Meet as a group
Every member of a meeting planning team has a valuable voice that should at some point be heard. Technology enables you to plan without everyone being present. Sometimes that’s good, but other times it’s not. One of the most important parts of meeting planning is meeting face-to-face as a complete team as many times as possible. The interaction between team members increases and ensures that all voices are heard. Ideas can be easily shared and expanded upon. If one team member does not like an idea or opinion of another team member, they are more likely to voice their concern in a reasonable and professional manner when meeting face-to-face. You should make it a priority to organize at least one meeting with your entire team. This should ideally be your kickoff meeting.

Strategy #2: Create a schedule
A meeting planning schedule is very important. It’s very easy for a team to get sidetracked and start moving in a completely different direction than that which they’re supposed to. Having a detail-oriented schedule that outlines exactly what you’ll be doing keeps everyone on track and focused. Of course, you want to create some space in the schedule for the sharing of ideas and asking of questions. You also want to create time for team members to state concerns. Creating a schedule in this manner allows you and your team to effectively plan your meeting. Following your schedule and not getting sidetracked will save you time, frustration, and money.

Strategy #3: Keep a log
The step that follows creating a schedule is keeping a log. While following your schedule, someone in your team should keep a log that outlines everything that happens. The time spent on certain topics should be kept. So should the ideas and opinions of team members. You’ll probably be communicating as team for an extended period of time about planning your meeting. A log helps you keep track of everything that goes on. It can easily be emailed to team members and ideas can be created for specific meeting planning details that were overlooked. This type of detailed approach eliminates the chance of making a mistake. It ensures your meeting planning process runs smoothly. It also takes you one step closer to a productive meeting.

Basic strategies are always the best ones. Meeting as a group, creating a schedule, and keeping a log are three very easy strategies you and your team can do when planning your meetings. The process of planning your meetings will run smoothly. Your entire team will be on the same page and will move in one direction. The likelihood of your meeting being very productive will increase substantially. If you would like any additional help regarding meeting planning, please feel free to contact McVeigh Global Meetings and Events. One of your team members will provide you with all of the meeting planning information you need. Should you use one of our meeting planning services, our professionals will take care of managing every aspect of your meeting. This professional service is the best way to ensure your meeting is a success.