Analytics & Reporting

We love compliments as much as the next person. But unless your leadership is tracking “way-to-go’s,” you’re going to need analytics & reporting data that is a little more scientific.

At MGME, we live for helping you define and deliver on your company’s most important KPIs, to ensure your corporate meeting or event was money well spent. We have all the event analytics and reporting tools you need to get deeper insights and quantifiable measurements.

Our corporate meetings and events teams integrate analytics and reporting methodologies into any event plan, tracking hard data like ROI, registration and speaker scores, or soft data and Net Promoter Scores in areas such as attitude, belief and satisfaction. We monitor mobile and digital data, such as social posting velocity and engagement figures. In any combination, or all of the above, whatever analytical strategy best meets your individual goals.

  • Strategic Meetings Management Programs
  • Registration and Attendance Data
  • Pre and Post Attendee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Net Promoter Scoring
  • Event App Usage Analytics
  • In-Meeting Live Polling
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Website and Microsite Use Reporting
  • Annualized Benchmarking
  • Attendee Migration Tracking
  • Breakout Session Usage
  • Sponsor Revenue Growth