photo of attendees at ASCD Empower19 moving through an event hall

Meeting and Event Logistics

At MGME we like to say we offer 100% experience insurance—so you can count on us to make your corporate meeting and travel management worry-free. We consider every “what if”, craft meticulous plans down to the minutiae and work with you to put your mind at ease in every phase of event planning and execution.

Whether your meeting is for five or 15,000, you’ll find the MGME team borderline compulsive in our attention to Every. Little. Detail. We make the most complex situations seem simple, because our meeting and event management teams are loaded with certified experienced planners (CEP’s) with industry and technology certifications such as Cvent, CMM and HMCC.

Our account teams are highly experienced in corporate meetings of all shapes and sizes from filled arenas to user conferences, leadership retreats and small meetings management.  And, our air and ground transportation teams know the best ways to get your team from Point A to Point B using our most trustworthy and proven partners.

Overwhelmed by extensive compliance guidelines? Challenge accepted—we’ve seen and managed it all before. Integrating internal stakeholders from multiple departments, plus relevant external suppliers, in the decision process? We have you covered through decades of corporate meeting best practices. Demand a superior, seamless experience and white glove customer service? That’s our specialty, and our pleasure. So relax, we’ve got you covered.

  • End-to-End Sourcing
  • Group Air/Ground Support
  • Hotel Room Management
  • VIP Requests and Special Arrangements
  • Arrival and Departure Manifests
  • Dedicated On-site Account Teams
  • Attendee Management
  • Registration Management and Status
  • Registration/Hospitality Desk
  • Digital Communication
  • Food & Beverage Planning
  • Reception and Gala Planning
  • Merchandise and Rewards
  • Pre, On-site and Post Support
  • Budget Management
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Detailed Reconciliation