Virtual Meetings & Events

Virtual meetings connect brands with audiences through compelling and creative storytelling. We deliver high impact virtual experiences through our passion, creativity, and strategic insights. Unbound by the confines of venue rules and regulations, architectural limitations, or the same budget constraints. Our creative ideas make dreams the new reality.

Speaker Meettings

Speaker Meetings

The most intimate form of virtual gatherings, these smaller meetings invite attendees to participate in the conversation. MGME reimagines Speaker Meetings by partnering directly with restaurants, providing food delivery to each participant.

Webinars and Conferences

Webinars & Conferences

Webinars (derivative of "Seminar") are virtual meetings hosted online where information is shared and communicated to a large group. Webcasts for the transmission of  a webinars are produced Live, On-demand and Simulive.

2D and 3D Immersive Virtual Events

2D & 3D Virtual Events

Immersive environments that transport attendees to a whole new dimension. The gala event or tradeshow experience is only limited by creativity. 

MGME takes the stress out of planning, marketing, and executing theses highly engaging and effective events.

Virtual Attendee Engagements

Keeping online attendees engaged means understanding the behavioral tendencies of the online audience​. Your content must overcome environmental distractions and manage attention deficits​. MGME helps plan a meeting that keeps your audience focused while providing pacing to fight screen fatigue.

Celebrity Mixologist
Celebrity Mixologist
Live Entertainment
Celebrity Chef Experience
Celebrity Mixologist
Meditation & Yoga


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