Corporate Meeting Management

Planning and executing corporate meetings and events is not a simple feat. If you've ever managed a meeting or event, then you know - it is a lengthy process with various moving parts. Not only do logistics need to be absolutely seamless, you need to incentivize, entertain and motivate your employees. That's where MGME comes in to make your life easier.

Sales Meetings & Product Launches

You’ve spent countless dollars and resources on product development and testing, distribution strategies and pricing models. Your highly motivated Sales and Marketing team is trained, primed and ready to unleash your plan for key stakeholders at your sales meeting. Now you need a product launch force like MGME to bring this powerful team to its enthusiastic feet and stay energized.

The only thing more exhilarating than an energized sales force, is a team that remains enthusiastic long after your launch event concludes. There’s one strategy that’s been proven to do that: Combine breathtaking, immersive creative with calculated, strategic communications designed to galvanize your messages, and stimulate a deeper personal connection. There’s one team that’s been proven—over the course of decades, in a wide range of industries, all over the world—to help you do it: MGME.

Small Meetings

Just because a meeting is small doesn’t mean it is any less important to you or for those in attendance. Our company’s passion and process for a meeting of five is the same as it is for 5,000—inventive design, followed by meticulous meeting planning and detailed execution. For us, a successful outcome is about making every attendee feel like a VIP and surpassing your meeting goals.

From selecting the perfect hotel, venue and menu to helping you craft creative agendas to finding the ideal subject-matter speaker, our meeting planning team will help ensure your small meeting or event reaps big results.


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