photo of Google Doogle set piece design

Experience Design & Strategy

When the audience walks into your primary event venue, it should be a transformative experience. More than color schemes and logos, a distinctive event theme should boldly bring your brand to life—tugging at emotions, captivating your audience with an immersive experience. At MGME, our award-winning, in-house creative team does that and more.

We start by getting to know your brand and its meaning, inside and out, so that we can create a complete and integrated story. With visually arresting staging that awakens the senses, and your branding/theme/key messages infused at every point, our seasoned team uses an entire palette of print, digital and environmental design to awaken your audience’s senses and transform how they feel and think. For impact that lasts long after your corporate meeting or event is over.

  • Electronic, Print and Dimensional Collateral
  • Event Theme Development and Messaging
  • Branding and Artistic Direction
  • Venue Creative Elements Recommendations
  • End-to-End Production
  • Staging Concepts
  • Floorplans and Layouts
  • Room Décor
  • Comprehensive Graphic Design
  • Content Writing


  • Video Production
  • Digital Concepts
  • Website Creation
  • App and E-mail Design
  • Talent Sourcing


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