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How to Engage Attendees Virtually

In every generation of events there is a buzzword that takes over as a synonym for success.  It is the way that we collectively look at an event and intuitively determine its value.  Years ago, I remember the discussion of great “event design”.  I took great pride in designing a fantastic event that was built on […]

2 Years of Creating Human Connections

I am excited to share that this week is the 2nd anniversary of McVeigh Global Meetings and Events— when Fourth Wall Events, Worldtek Events and McVeigh Associates joined forces.  It’s been an incredible two years for our company, and me personally.  I want to thank our loyal clients who have supported us through this.  You trust […]

MGME Welcomes Life Sciences Business Development Director

New York, NY (June 22, 2020) – McVeigh Global Meetings and Events is excited to announce the addition of Michael Schaumann in the role of Business Development Director.  Michael has been in the meetings industry for over 20 years and has worked in a variety of areas. Michael holds a Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate (HMCC), […]

MGME Reimagines Healthcare Meetings and Events

New York, NY (June 24, 2020) – McVeigh Global Meetings and Events is thrilled to welcome Pat Schaumann CMP, CSEP, DMCP, HMCC, President of Schaumann Consulting Group, to their team. Pat’s primary role with MGME is to lead the company’s expansion of Life Sciences initiatives. “My first impression of MGME was not just a company […]

Carvie Gillikin Recognized As 15 Over 50

Leadership Through a Crisis

Leadership is a mixture of raw talent and learned skills, and a crisis can either destroy a leader or uncover a great one. It’s easy to read management books, watch webinars, or receive mentoring. The hard part is developing the humbleness to listen to competing opinions, the courage to act quickly and decisively, and the […]

The Future of Live Meetings & Events

Having been in the events industry since 1994, I have tried to learn something new every day. Surviving the recession and a variety of flues, I felt our team could handle anything the industry threw at us. Through good years and terrible years—I thought we were unflappable. Yet, here we are, feeling extremely flapped! It’s […]

Review Housing & Venue Contracts to Protect Clients Against Emergency 

McVeigh Global Meetings and Events Again Makes CMI 25

McVeigh Global Meetings and Events celebrates making MeetingsNet CMI 25 for the 13th consecutive year

McVeigh Global Meetings and Events Celebrates their One Year Anniversary with New Branding & Logo.

MGME is also launching an array of exciting new brand identity elements that integrate into the company’s communications including an interactive website, thought provoking presentations, and education focused social media content.

Top 3 Corporate Event Venue Trends That Are Sure to Impress Your Guests

It’s so easy to simply book a convention center, ballroom, or another typical corporate-event venue for your upcoming affair. While there’s nothing wrong with these venue choices, if you want to really stand out and impress your guests, you should find a more memorable space with that “wow” factor. While this task might seem daunting, […]

3 Ways to Guarantee an Engaging Business Event

Your business event should have a positive feel. And sometimes the best way to make the largest impact is by being subtle. Your guests should sense something really good without knowing exactly why, and taking advantage of the five senses is the way you can make it happen. Here’s what to do:

3 Ways To Make Sure Your Cybersecurity for Event Attendees Is Working

Hacking and cybersecurity incidents have grown to a dangerous level these past few years, whether the target has been the government, social media, or a giant corporation. Add to that the problem of identity theft, and it’s understandable why so many people are nervous about how and why their data is used. Your event attendees […]

How to Ensure Your Attendees Are Attentive at Your Corporate Event

In a setting that requires focus, poise, and professionalism, corporate events don’t have to remain stuffy and dull. When people come to your event, they don’t want to be bored by information they’ve already heard. Making an impression is imperative to a successful event, even more so when you want it to be memorable. Attendee […]

Fourth Wall Events and Events and WorldTek Events Acquire McVeigh Associates to form McVeigh Global Meetings and Events.

McVeigh Global Meetings and Events in New York City and WorldTek Events in New Haven CT have merged and together, acquired McVeigh Associates in Long Island, NY. The combined companies are pleased to announce the formation of McVeigh Global Meetings and Events, LLC.

Showing Community Leaders How Your Corporate Event Impacts the Economy

Community leaders are an important resource for event planners. More often than not, the majority of a community’s decisions come from leaders. Showing them exactly how your corporate event impacts the local economy will put you in a position of favor—and the chances of them saying yes to your next corporate event will increase substantially. […]

How to Utilize Your Business Event for Corporate Social Responsibility

More and more businesses are realizing the positive effect business events can have on local communities. However, utilizing business events for corporate social responsibility is no easy task, and some challenges may arise. If you’re interested in planning an event to help your business and community, here’s a step-by-step approach that can help you. Step […]

Top Tips for Determining the Economic Impact of Your Corporate Event

If you’re involved in a corporate event, you definitely want to know how much of an economic impact it makes—on both your business and the community. The number that you come up with is extremely important because it lets you know, from an economic standpoint, whether your event was successful. If the number shows a […]

3 Ways to Increase Your Community-Service Efforts Through Company Events

Many businesses think of community service as “extra credit” that neither makes a difference nor pays dividends. But this reasoning couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s been proven that reaching out and helping the community has tremendous social and economic benefits. In fact, community buy-in is necessary to support community infrastructure. Companies that have […]

4 Goals Of Successful Strategic Meetings Management

You need strategic meetings management for your company. Why? To drive growth before, during, and after business events. Having a solid framework in place can help you look back at past meetings to create even better events in the future. A lot of business owners feel at a loss when it comes to organizing their […]

How to Choose the Right Corporate-Event Entertainment

When you’re planning any event, choosing the entertainment is especially important, because it’s crucial that you get it right. The entertainment can make the difference for guests deciding whether or not to come, and it’s what they’ll remember most about their experience. So whether it’s a keynote speaker, live music, or something a little different, […]

3 Things Every Event Designer Should Be Offering to Their Clients

A lot of hard work, difficult decisions, and skill go into planning, designing, and executing top-notch events, and every event is different based on the client, the guests, the end goal of the event, and more. But no matter what you want to accomplish with your event, every great event designer should be offering these […]

3 Reasons Your Corporate Event Entertainment Is Important for Success

If you’re having a corporate event, you definitely want to get the most out of it. An often overlooked but very important part of events is entertainment. The entertainment at your next corporate event can be the one thing that determines if your event is a success or failure. Here are three reasons why entertainment […]

How an Event Designer Can Help Your Event Stand Out

Close your eyes and imagine the last event that you attended. Whether it was a wedding or a business event, the impression you had from the moment you entered until you walked out the door was largely directed toward the person or business behind the event. The way an event is managed can say a […]

8 Steps to Starting a Strategic Meetings Management Program

Strategic meetings management programs are helping businesses get the most out of their meetings. The hardest part of strategic meetings management is getting started. If you’re interested in starting a program, there are eight steps that will help get you going in the right direction. Once you’ve created a program that’s easy to implement and […]

Why You Need a Professional’s Help During the Event-Planning Process

Choosing a venue, ordering food, and inviting guests are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to event planning. Although planning an event may sound easy in theory, when it comes to throwing the perfect soiree, there is much more than meets the eye. In fact, hiring an experienced event planner could be […]

Our Top 5 Conference Planning Tips to Ensure It’s a Success

Planning a conference can be a fun and exciting experience. It can also be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes companies get lost in the logistics of conference planning and become confused, frustrated, and tired. To ensure your next conference is an absolute success, follow our top five conference planning tips. They will help you stay on […]

Why Every Corporate Event Needs a Professional Event Designer

When you need to plan a corporate event, hiring a pro is a great first step. A professional will cater to all of your needs and wants, as well as some extra-special touches you may not have imagined. They will work with you from the very beginning through to the actual event and certify that […]

3 Crucial Steps of the Event-Planning Process

Event planning is not like throwing your average party. So much more goes into the planning, development, and organization of events whether they be high profile or private. Every event manager wants to have a successful event at the end of the night, but making that happen isn’t always an easy task. Here are three […]

Why You Need a Professional When It Comes to Conference Planning

Putting on a conference can be a make or break in the business world. Companies that host a great conference establish themselves as a trustworthy industry expert. Companies that put on a less than stellar conference may appear incapable and unorganized—someone you’d never want to do business with. To ensure you get the most out […]

How to Reduce Costs with Strategic Meetings Management

Companies spend a large amount of collective time in meetings. The best companies are those that have highly productive meetings without spending a fortune on meeting planning and preparation. By using a service known as strategic meetings management, many companies have been able to put themselves in a position where they’re able to get the […]

The Importance of Utilizing Strategic Meetings Management

No matter what your business does or your full-time job entails, more often than not, your day-to-day activities may require setting up meetings and events. Companies pool a lot of time and resources into meetings, and it’s often difficult to keep up on all the details and communication required to do so—not to mention taking […]

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Meeting-Services Professional

When you plan an important meeting, there’s much more to worry about than the meeting itself. Often the preparation that needs to happen before the meeting even starts—or even before attendees are invited—can be overwhelming. Whether you want to impress a top client, make a new sale, or run an effective staff meeting, a meeting-services […]

3 Strategies for Productive Meeting Planning with a Team

The most effective meetings are always those that are properly planned. If you’re a business owner or part of a business team, you undoubtedly know that every meeting has numerous fine details that need to be accounted for. Sometimes these fine details get neglected and meeting productivity decreases. To ensure that you and your team […]

3 Ways Strategic Meetings Management Can Boost Your Event

Companies invest a large amount of time and revenue into events. Every company wants to make sure the resources they allocate to an event are well spent, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how. Strategic meetings management is a popular management practice that helps companies align events with specific goals. Companies who use strategic […]

What You Should Be Looking for When Booking Meeting Services

Corporate meetings are one of the best ways to grow and expand your business. When contemplating the idea of having a meeting, the two options that usually arise are the choices of either organizing the meeting yourself or booking meeting services. The majority of companies find that hiring a company that provides meeting services is […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Meeting Planning

Careful planning and preparation can make or break an important meeting. Work that is done prior to entering a conference is often what drives the presentation forward. It’s all about preparation and getting the groundwork completed so the meeting runs efficiently and is more productive overall. Making the commitment to planning and certifying all necessary […]

Why Having an Event-Planning Checklist Is Important to Keep You Organized

Planning an event doesn’t need to be an overwhelming and frustrating task. If you know how to make things easy for yourself, planning an event can actually be fun and exciting. Undoubtedly, the number one thing you can do to ensure your event is planned properly is to create an event-planning checklist. A carefully planned […]

5 Ways Event-Management Companies Can Make Your Events Impactful

There is so much innovation and creativity happening in the world that just any old event won’t make the impression you may have hoped for. An event shouldn’t have to hit you over the head with its message, but rather it should have a cohesive theme that advances company objectives. Hiring a professional for the […]

The Best Corporate Event Ideas for the Technology Industry

The tech world is exploding with innovation, new ideas, and potential for even more growth, and there’s never been a better time to bring great minds in the technology industry together to make connections, brainstorm new ideas, and solve problems. Here are some of our best corporate ideas for the technology industry: Work toward a […]

The 5 Most Important Things You Should Have On Your Event Planning Checklist

Creating an event-planning checklist is one the most important things you can do to ensure your next big event is a successful one. A detailed and structured checklist will help you stay organized and on task as you plan every aspect of your event. When creating your checklist, there are some things that you absolutely […]

How Corporate Event Registration Can Make a Great First Impression

As you may know, first impressions matter. This is especially true when putting on corporate events. The first touch point happens at registration—and could make or break a guest’s experience. You want to have a clear, efficient, and smooth process that will pave the way for an incredible time for everyone. Many factors contribute to […]

5 Things Event-Management Companies Should Be Offering To Every Client

Event managers have a big job to do no matter the event size. From the tiniest detail to the elephant in the room (sometimes literally), they are in charge of an event from planning all the way through to execution. And, of course, they want it to be a success. Not only for your business […]

Our Top 3 Corporate Event Ideas That Will Leave Your Guests In Awe

Putting on a corporate event is one of the best ways to take a break from the everyday, make connections with other professionals, and deepen relationships. The type of event you put on, though, depends on your objective. Are you trying to have a brainstorm session, impart much-needed information, promote team-building, or lock in sales […]

3 Ways to Make Corporate Event Registration Smooth And Painless

Corporate event registration needs to be quick and painless. After all, registration is usually the first touch point, and if it’s lousy, then this sets the tone for the rest of the event. Don’t start off registration on the wrong foot by allowing long wait times and inefficient service. Frustrated attendees will bring their feelings […]

4 Qualities You Really Need In A Corporate Events Planner

Most companies are now entrusting their events to corporate-events planners. This is a wise business decision. Planning a corporate event by yourself is certainly no easy task. When searching for a corporate-events planner, it’s important to look for one that has a track record of proven results. A corporate-events planner that exemplifies the four qualities […]

Where To Find The Right Event Manager For Your Business

There’s an important event on the horizon and you need it to go off without a hitch. Enter the professional. You know you need one, but do you even know where to start looking for the right event manager? It’s an important decision, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, events showcase your […]

Before You Plan Your Next Corporate Event, Do These 3 Things

Planning corporate events can be difficult to get right. Of course you want your event to be professional and reflect well on you, but you also need to make sure it fulfills your company’s goals and is engaging, interesting, and helpful for your guests. Plus, on top of everything else, you will likely need to […]

4 Things The Best Business Event Planners Never Do

Making your next business event a smash hit you should hire a skilled and experienced business event planner. Four of the things that the best business event planners will never do include the following: Choose a location that’s not convenient The best business event planners know how important location is to an event’s success. They […]

How An Event Planning Company Can Save You Hours Of Time

Great events take time to plan. Amazing events take even more time and sometimes a village to properly plan and execute every iota of detail down to the linens used and even lighting. The average time it takes to plan a large event is around 300 hours! That is a lot of time—time that not […]

How to Turn Your Next Business Event Into A Success With Ease

There’s no doubt that face-to-face contact during a business event remains an important element when building a customer base. This invaluable offline interaction can mean the difference between a long-lasting relationship and a one-and-done deal. Which would you prefer as a business owner? While making a onetime sale might seem like a quick fix, building […]

7 Traits That Separate Star Business Event Planners From Wannabes

A business event is a very effective way to improve, establish, and grow your business. Some, but certainly not all, of the benefits of a business event include the generation of leads and referrals, the opportunity to connect with customers and other business owners, and the chance to reward your employees. In order to maximize […]

The Biggest Corporate Event Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Holding a corporate event is much more than just throwing a big party. An event can generate new business and breathe life back into a company. It gives employees and other professionals something to look forward to in the weeks to come, boosting morale. Not only that, events are a great place to mingle and […]

3 Habits of Highly Effective Event Managers

Event managers have one of the toughest jobs around—and not everyone has what it takes to do it well. In order to plan and manage events, and do so effectively, one must have many different skills and talents, and use them—from budgeting, to planning, to researching, to bargaining, and everything in between—all with the creativity […]

The Corporate Survival Guide to Event Planning Companies

If you’re hiring an event planning company, chances are you’re already busy. Working with event planners is one of the smartest moves you can make for a corporate event—especially if you already have a full-time job and you clearly don’t have time to plan an event on top of everything else you’ve got going on. Working […]

The Best Event Managers Are Exceptional At These 4 Things

The best event managers hold a unique set of skills that allows them to transform each event into something spectacular that attendees will remember for a long time. In today’s market, event management has become highly competitive, with demands and professional standards higher than ever. Someone who can stay calm under pressure and lead a […]

Why An Event Manager Can Make Or Break Your Event

If you’ve ever run a business event yourself, or needed to hire an event manager, you know that it’s a big job. The creativity needed for the initial planning, combined with all the large and small decisions you need to make, not to mention the myriad of details to keep track of, is a lot […]

Top Tips To Measure The Success Of Your Next Business Event

Planning a successful business event can be a tough task, but if all goes well, the event could mean exciting things for your company or product. The planning for a business event won’t end when the doors shut and the lights go out. No. It ends when your company is reaping the rewards of a […]

Corporate Events Should Be Your First Focus

When budget-cutting, corporate events are usually one of the first things to go. After all, why spend extra money on dinner parties and activities when it could be put to something more useful? Actually, corporate events are more important than you think. In fact, more than $122 billion is spent every year in the U.S. […]

Why Event Planning Companies Need to Care About Everything

Planning a business event is no small task. While keeping the following seven standards in mind, an event planning company takes care of all the details—knowing that a successful event consists of many moving parts. Standard #1: Events should have a purpose The first and most important part of planning an event is determining what […]

How A Meeting Planner Can Help Your Company Grow

Did you know that holding events is one of the best things you can do to grow your company? Here are some ways a successful meeting or event can help: You can sell your product or business to a whole group of people instead of trying to sell to one at a time. You can […]

6 Massive Technology Shifts Happening In The Events Industry

In the past, the meeting and event planning industry was highly manual. Attendees checked and signed in with pen and paper, were given a physical badge on a lanyard, as well as printed materials which they then had to haul around with them. During this time, event metrics were put together and analyzed by manually […]

4 Things A Meeting Planner Needs To Know About Your Business

Your meeting planner should be able to handle everything about your meeting from beginning to end—but before they start the planning process, it’s your job to fill them in on who you are and what you do. It’s vital that your company and your meeting planner are on the same page throughout the process—both to […]

3 Ways To Find A Meeting Planner That Best Fits Your Company

No matter what type of meeting you need to plan, it’s imperative that the meeting planner you find is someone who understands your business and who you can trust to execute a perfect meeting that achieves your goals with a lot of input from you or using their creativity. Here are the three best ways […]

5 Keys To Removing The Risk From Meeting Planning

As a meeting planner, you’re probably aware of all the things that could go right—and wrong—with any event. But do you have an actionable risk management plan in place that could alleviate some of the stress? You might be wondering what we mean. Risk management is when you reduce the possibility of a crisis at […]

6 Reasons a Meeting Planner is Essential for Your Success

Planning a meeting can be challenging. Finding the right location, inviting the correct attendees, incorporating your branding and choosing a theme are all aspects of planning a meeting that may not necessarily be as simple as project management. The minor details and unexpected issues that may arise during an event are all reasons to have […]

4 Things All Great Event Planning Companies Do

Looking for an event planning company to help with a corporate event? Finding a great event planner—and the one that’s right for you—is difficult. It’s imperative that you get the right one that you can trust because they will be managing a lot of details, design, and responsibility to bring your event to life. Here […]

5 Questions To Ask An Event Manager Before You Hire Them

Hosting events is an excellent way to grow a business, particularly if the events run smoothly. As simple as that might sound, there is a wide variety of moving parts that must come together to create a strong event. If you don’t possess the skills necessary to plan, execute and manage an event, it’s quite […]

6 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Next Business Event

Come up with goals first thing, and keep them at the forefront of your planning.Having a clear goal, or set of goals, for your business event can help make a lot of your decisions easier—from the scope of the event to messaging for promotions and marketing, to the entertainment and speakers. If you’re working with […]

How To Prevent Your Event From Becoming A Fyre Festival Style Disaster

Planning an event presents several challenges. Finding the right vendors, booking music talent, and arranging transportation for guests are just a few of the many tasks that an event planner must undergo, prior to marketing an event. While this may seem like common sense to an experienced planner, sometimes planners completely drop the ball and […]

6 Tips For Developing Your Event’s PR Plan

No matter the size of your event, an effective public relations strategy is always a smart move when organizing an event. Marketing and public relations are quite similar, but there are some significant differences when it comes to a corporate event. The best public relations planning is rooted in strategy. A calculated approach that is […]

Common Event Planning Problems and Their Simple Solutions

Planning a corporate event can be a challenging task, but with the help of the talented team at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events, it can be much easier.  During the planning and hosting of an event, you can run into some daunting (but common) issues. Unforeseen mishaps, vendor-related issues, and scheduling conflicts are just the […]

6 Ways to Build Excitement Before an Important Business Event

Today’s business events rarely follow the “if you build it, they will come” strategy. Even events that employees are required to attend can have attendance problems (you’d be amazed at the excuses people can come up with if an event looks boring or unnecessary). So the goal of any good event team is to build […]

6 Things to Ask Event Sponsors For While Negotiating

Picking up new event sponsors is both exciting and challenging, especially when you are still in the negotiating stage. But what should you be asking sponsors for when it comes to supporting and services? While their level of involvement can vary greatly, here are several reliable things, both big and small, that you should request […]

You’re Walking Into a Venue for The First Time: What Should You Watch For?

Your first visit to a venue is, naturally, an important one. But while first impressions always matter, we encourage event teams and decisions to go beyond their general feelings about a venue, and actually look at the details. While it may be easy to get overwhelmed during your first visit, take a little bit of […]

Push Notifications At Events: What Works and What Doesn’t

As mobile devices have flooded our events, a new tool is on the rise – push notifications, the ability to push alerts, texts and messages through event apps and other channels to all attendees. This type of event communication can be powerful, but it can also be intrusive. A casual look online reveals a whole […]

Session Attendance: What It Is and Why It Matters

What is session attendance? Why does it matter? If you’re curious, it’s time to start using this valuable form of data: Session attendance tracks not only how many attendees you have, but what presentations or activities they attended. For more open events with multiple sessions occurring at the same time, this type of tracking is […]

The Latest Event Foods for Wowing Attendees: 7 Ideas

Do you really want to impress attendees with the latest and greatest in catering and food? Here are seven ideas guaranteed to wow your group, not matter kind of event you have in mind. 1. Learning Lunch There are two types of learning lunches, a work version and a fun version. For the work version, […]

Partitions, Planters and More: What to Know About Moveable Venue Objects

Moveable venue objects are any objects in the venue space that the event team can move and place themselves. This includes partitions, planters (fake or otherwise), benches, and anything else that can change how a venue appears and functions. It’s important to note what movable objects you have to work with in any venue – […]

Tips on Booking Business Venues in the Holiday Season

The holidays are a common time for business events – you may want to gather employees to celebrate the holidays, or prepare for the new year, or teach some important seasonal skills. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself trying to book a venue right in the middle of the busiest time of the year […]

Need to Save Money When Booking a Venue? These Tips Work!

If your event budget is getting a little out of control, one of the first places you may want to look is the venue. Not only is the venue usually one of your largest cost items – it’s also ripe for finding ways to save money…as long as you know where to look. Here are […]

Do You Need Event Entertainment? Here’s How to Know

Event entertainment can be an effective way to bring enthusiasm and good memories to your next event…but do you really need it? Here are some of the best ways to tell (without wasting time or money beforehand). Define Your Brand Goals Think about what this event means to your brand. If you find yourself thinking […]

Attendees and Attention Spans: How Much Will They Forget, and How Can You Help Them Remember?

Attendees don’t have the greatest attention span, on average. Amid all the research showing that people can only focus on something for 8 seconds (not exactly true, but still a popular marketing headline) and that even managers can only pay attention for around 52 minutes, it’s all right worry if all your valuable preparation doesn’t […]

Attendee Participation: Great Ideas for Encouraging People to Speak Out at Presentations

Participation is one of the most common goals for business events, especially team-oriented or constructive events. But the traditional presentation doesn’t exactly produce a high level of active engagement. Even today’s high energy plans often struggle to draw out attendees who may not know each other, may not be interested in the topic, or may […]

Dressing up a Venue: When You Need to to Improve – and When to Leave it Alone

One of the event trends we see come and go all the time is venue decorating. There are many types of venues out there, which means you can’t easily count on a particular “look.” That leads to a lot of pressure on coordinators to dress up the place, decorating and covering up barer venues to […]

Tips on Making Events with Foreign Attendees a Success

International events and special international guests are an exciting opportunity for event planners and companies alike. In addition to all the new options for joint ventures and friendships, inviting foreign attendees helps raise interest in the event itself. However, if you don’t have much experience in running an international event or managing significant numbers of […]

Microlocations: How Does This Trend Affect Events, and Should You Use It?

The term “microlocation” is popping up more and more frequently in the event planning world. To newcomers, that can be a little confusing. So join us for a quick FAQ on microlocations, what they mean, and how your event can use them if appropriate. So, What is a Microlocation? Think about how our GPS and […]

5 Ways to Energize Event Attendees

There are many resources out there that offer tips on how to get attendees excited about your event, but what happens after they get there? Sometimes that initial excitement will start to waver as attendees lose momentum, especially for multi-day events. Here, we will provide some tips for re-energizing event attendees both mentally and physically. […]

Mobile Event Apps: Do You Need One?

You want to ensure that your event attendees have the best possible experience, so chances are that you may have considered creating an app. Mobile event apps can help you keep your audience engaged while also providing a way to easily send out important information and real-time updates about your event. If you are not […]

You’ve Got Mail: Email Marketing and Event Promotion

You’ve finalized the speaker list, booked the venue, met with the caterer, and even ordered some awesome event swag for your attendees. Now what? No matter how much planning or purchasing you have done for your event, it will not be a success unless you tell people about it. Though there are many marketing channels […]

6 Tips for Guaranteeing the Event Sponsors that You Need!

Are you ready to hit your goals for event sponsors? Then you need the right plan, long before your event begins. Fortunately, good communication can go a long, long way here – but we’re ready to get more specific: Here are several ways to win the sponsors you want, and keep them coming back to […]

3 Tips for Engaging Millennials at Your Events

“Millennials” seems to be a buzzword across many industries. The millennial generation is one of the largest in history, and as these young individuals move into their prime spending years, they will have a great impact on the economy. No matter what industry you are in, there is a good chance that millennials will be […]

WiFi Tech: Do You Have These Cutting-Edge Solutions at Your Event?

It’s not hyperbole to say that wireless connectivity is one of the most important features of any event these days. You absolutely need Wi-Fi for most event activities (there’s room for other options, but only in unique circumstances), and that means picking the right venues and types of technology. To stay on the cutting edge, […]

Outdoor Events: What You Need to Know to Make it a Hit

Are you thinking about planning an outdoor event? These events can be challenging but very fun for attendees and sponsors alike… as long as they are done well. Here are several ways to ensure surprise doesn’t take you. Start Venue and Permit Plans Early Venues are particularly demanding when it comes to outdoor events: Locations […]

Beware of Hidden AV Fees! Tips From The Pros.

Event Audio-Video is vital and can make or break even the best of shows. But who is setting up all the AV components? You probably don’t want to do it yourself, as many audio-video components are very complicated. According to Endless Entertainment, this is where Event AV Labor comes in handy. The company claims that labor […]

6 Effective Networking and Follow-Up Practices

The review may be over – but your work isn’t done yet. An important part of running an event is wrapping everything up the right way: End your event properly to increase engagement, get more successful responses, and prepare properly for the next big event! Here’s a few things that you can’t miss after the […]

#Success: How and Why You Should Promote Event Hashtags

It seems like today hashtags are everywhere. Whether the hashtag is used to talk about a social movement or celebrity gossip, it is a great tool to utilize when you want to centralize online discussion around a certain topic. But did you know that the hashtag can also be a great way to get people […]

Four Awesome Creative Catering Trends

Everyone loves a good meal, and food has become an important part of the event experience. With a range of different appetizer, meal, and beverage menu options, the sky is the limit when it comes to event catering. If you want to make a lasting impression on your guests and clients, there are a number […]

Tech Tools to Help You Increase Corporate Event ROI

Events can be downright expensive. That is why it is essential for organizations to track corporate event ROI so that they can determine exactly what they are gaining from holding and attending events. When it comes to conferences and tradeshows, this allows businesses to know if spending the time and money to participate is really […]

How to Win Over a Distracted Audience

We live in an age where every employee, sponsor, and audience member will be carrying mobile devices – which poses certain problems when planning presentations. The last thing you want is half your audience drifting off into their smartphones in the middle of speech! However, with so many distractions waiting at the push of a […]

Say Cheese: Engaging Photo-Based Activities for Corporate Events

Photographs are a great way to capture fun and important memories from your corporate event. Though not everyone likes posing for a professional shot, many people enjoy loosening up and taking a fun photo with other event attendees, especially if it allows them to express themselves and get a little creative. The photo booth is […]

Venue Sizing: 6 Tips on Knowing Your Space Needs

One of the most important features of the venue you choose is the space it provides. That may sound very simple, but spacing issues are one of the earliest problems that event planning teams have to tackle. How do you know that a location has enough space for your attendees? Here’s where to begin. Know […]

How to Help Long-Distance Attendees Travel to Your Event

Let’s assume that you’ve set up the greatest event in the world: How will people get there? Accounting for attendee travel may seem like a minor issue to you, but it’s a very important consideration for your expected audience, especially if they are driving or flying a considerable distance. Here’s how to make sure that […]

Community Service: Why the Best Events Give Back to the Community

Community involvement isn’t the first thing most businesses think about when planning events. After all, business events tend to be about the business, right? But there are good arguments to make for also including a segment of outreach and volunteer projects with a focus on local needs. Here’s how it can help you. Community Goodwill […]

3 Ways to Boost Event Engagement with Live Social Media

Social media can be a great tool for reaching and engaging your audience. When it comes to event planning and social media, there are a variety of ways that you can market and generate more interest before the event. But the benefits of this popular social outlet do not stop there. Live event social media […]

6 Important Tips for a Successful Keynote

The keynote or keynote speaker is often the culmination of everything you hope a professional event will be – which leads to some seriously high expectations from attendees. At the same time, it’s harder to impress keynote audiences than ever before. Going bigger and bigger isn’t a sustainable answer: a good keynote instead pays attention […]

6 Ways the Mobile Revolution Has Affected Modern Event Planning  

Modern event planning must absolutely account for mobile devices: More people are using mobile phones or tablets than desktops since 2015, and it’s a trend that is becoming even more common as time passes. Make no mistake, most of your attendees are now depending on their mobile tech – but what does that mean for you? […]

Event Planning and Social Media: 6 Ways You Can Take Advantage of the Latest Trends!

Most businesses understand that they should be doing something on social media for their upcoming event…but they aren’t quite sure what. To help out, here are several of the latest and most effective ways companies are using social platforms for their event marketing – and succeeding at it! 1. LinkedIn Contacts This is often the first go-to […]

Your Event Budget: 7 Tips on Allocating Funds

One of the most important early components of an event is the budget: Your event budget needs to be accurate, informative, and flexible – a resource the whole team can refer to. So let’s talk about several tips on event funding that should be kept in mind. Clarify the Budget as Your Team Begins It’s […]

Augmented Reality: Does This Latest Trick Belong at Your Event?

AR or “augmented reality” is a sibling technology to virtual reality. However, instead of creating a complete virtual space, it overlays digital items onto real-world objects and settings – including event venues. This creates the potential for incredibly imaginative interactions with your attendees…as long as you are willing to invest the time and expertise to […]

Millennials Turn Hotel Design on Its Head

Millennials have made a big impact on event planning, and many businesses that serve the industry have shifted their strategies to target this coveted demographic. According to Adweek, the hotel industry is undergoing a major transition in the hopes of attracting Millennials, but with the rise of never-before-seen competition like Airbnb, countless hotels across the […]

4 New York Music Venues for Hosting Unforgettable Events

Events and live entertainment go together like peanut butter and jelly, and if you’re throwing your next event in New York City, you’re bound to have numerous music enthusiasts in the crowd. Sprinkled across the Big Apple are countless intimate venues perfect for live entertainment, and Gothamist recently highlighted some that could be the perfect […]

4 New Event Technologies Revolutionizing the Industry

Technology is an event planner’s best friend. Harnessing technology not only bolsters an event’s design and attendee experience, but it also streamlines the entire planning process. BizBash recently highlighted a few new and updated tech tools for meetings and events. EventCombois the Expedia of event planning. The program allows event attendees to purchase tickets and […]

6 Clients That Test the Limits of Every Event Planner

When you’ve been in the event planning industry as long as we have, you start to notice patterns, and when it comes to identifying different types of clients it’s easy to place them in different buckets. Whether you’re throwing a small get together or a major corporate event, every client is different, but Event Marketing […]

Event Planning and Social Media: How to Market Your Event

Event planners don’t need to become social media groupies to engage an audience – according to IDEO partner, Fred Dust. He further states, “Innovation and the future isn’t about technology. It is not just about what’s the next product. Innovation is really about disruption.” Dust argues that there is a need to pay attention to good design, […]

New York City’s Best Outdoor Venues

The weather is starting to heat up and it’s time to take advantage! Outdoor venues in NYC are plentiful, but some are much better than others. We’ve put together a list of our favorite outdoor venues that would be perfect for your next event. Bowery Hotel As a Lower East Side cornerstone, The Bowery Hotel […]

5 Steps to a Successful Event Presentation

An event speaker with an impressive resume can significantly contribute to the size of your guest list. Whether they’re an industry thought-leader or providing the entertainment, event speakers are meant to engage the audience, pique their interest, and an event draw. However, an event speaker with even the strongest resume can still make some missteps and […]

The 4 Elements of Using Event Technology

Technology in event planning is a game changer. Not only does it make planning and execution easier, but it also streamlines attendee engagement before, during, and after the event. However, the technology you use and how you use it during an event still requires a lot of thought, and according to BizBash; there are four […]

Get Attendees Talking: 4 Ways to Boost Networking Opportunities

One of the biggest reasons people attend events is for the networking opportunities. As an event host it’s your obligation to provide as many opportunities as possible, and luckily you can boost networking opportunities through various activities, environments, and engagements. Event Manager Blog lends a few strategies to get your attendees talking and sharing ideas. Make your event […]

MGME’s Destination Management Team’s Best New York Venues

New York City offers endless opportunities for hosting unforgettable events. From rooftop hotspots in Brooklyn to chic midtown hotels, there is a perfect venue for every event in the Big Apple. MGME’s Destination Management Service’s team has years of experience learning the ins and outs of New York’s many venues. We help our clients locate […]

12 (Statistically-Backed) Event Industry Trends

Statistics demonstrating event industry trends make event planning much easier since they provide a unique, inside view of the habits and preferences of attendees. But that’s not all they’re good for. Statistics also paint a very clear picture of the state of event planning and marketing, including everything from budgets and strategies to technology and […]

NYC’s Best: Hotel Penthouses for Summer Events

There is nothing quite like the New York City skyline on a summer night. With a slight breeze, cocktail in hand, and the sparkling of city lights, it’s the stuff of daydreams. Relaxation at its finest, but with a twist. Pull up a bar stool and keep the drinks flowing. In the city that never […]

5 Added Hotel Costs to Think About Before Choosing Your Venue

The team at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events constantly has its eyes on the price of hotel accommodations. Hotels are great venues for major corporate events since they are usually easy to get to, offer tons of amenities, and provide on-site accommodations for attendees. But with a recent surge in hotel rates, Sparksight recommends keeping a few […]

5 Traits Every Event Marketer Needs

Marketing efforts can make or break an event. For this reason, marketing professionals are constantly looking for new and unique ways to promote events. It takes a very special type of person to market an event to its fullest capacity, and according to Event Manager Blog, the most successful marketers share some common (and necessary) traits. […]

On the Cutting-Edge of Trade Show Trends

Trade show trends are always changing. In fact, trends shift so drastically that it’s hard to stay head of the curve for most people. Today’s trade show trends are so different from a year ago that it requires an entire team of event design professionals to keep everything straight. According to Event Manager Blog, the following […]

Keep Sponsors and Exhibitors Happy… and Coming Back for More

Sponsors and exhibitors are the heart and soul of conferences, and by implementing a few tactics to snag some big name sponsors, they can add serious legitimacy to your next event. It’s important to know that sponsors and exhibitors are only drawn to events they find valuable. Although providing them with their own booths is an […]

10 Ways to Grind a Venue’s Gears

One of the most important parts of being an event planner is to be self-aware. Event planners often serve as ambassadors between the client and the venue, but according to Event Manager Blog, there are a few key things that planners do which can really get under the skin of venues. Withhold the client’s name […]

4 Ways to Inspire Event Innovation

Innovation and event planning go hand-in-hand, and your venue choice can have a big influence. Hello Endless recently outlined some steps you can take to identify the perfect place to inspire the innovative spirit.  It all starts with a theme A strong theme is the first step to establishing a creative environment, and it helps […]

7 Reasons to Streamline Your Event With a Custom App

Major corporate events can be an overwhelming experience for attendees without the proper guidance on how to get the most out of it. Luckily, in this day and age – and the increasingly ubiquitous use of smartphones in everyday life – you can develop an event app to streamline an entire event experience. There are […]

4 Event App Security Considerations

Event apps provide an excellent opportunity to bring attendees together, promote sponsors, and highlight sessions. However, with so much information in one place, it’s important to ensure all this data is secure. Before you launch a customized event app, BizBash says you should consider the following issues to catch potential vulnerabilities. Vet your vendor The […]

5 Ways Smartwatches Will Help Redefine the Event Experience

Next time you’re in a crowded place, check the wrists of those around you. Chances are you’ll see numerous smartwatches, and according to EventMarketer, these devices will have a big role in the future of events. Smartwatches will take networking to a whole new level Exchanging information during a networking event might seem easy right now, […]

5 Ways to Attract “Influencers” to Your Event

“Influencers” are coveted attendees and can help add serious legitimacy to your event. Including everything from industry thought leaders and social media stars to celebrities and business executives, influencers are powerhouses when it comes to promoting your event’s messages, attracting press, and generating buzz. You might ask yourself, “How do I get an influencer on […]

3 #Hashtags to Reinforce Your Event’s Social Media Presence

If you’re a regular on social media, you’re probably more than familiar with hashtags in your everyday life. But did you know that hashtags are incredibly useful for marketing an event on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? According to BrightBull, three event industry hashtags should always be at the forefront of your marketing […]

Decoding Millennials to Improve Your Next Meeting

Millennials – the generation brands, company management, and event planners work tirelessly to figure out. Although there is no single answer to keeping Millennials engaged during your next meeting, highlighting some common traits and tailoring the experience can certainly help. Millennials are… You’ll be hard pressed to find a Millennial without a smartphone in their […]

5 Proven Ways to Grow Your Business During (and After!) an Event

All too often, a company planning a corporate event misses the opportunity to expand their book of business. We agree that an event is a great place to show customer and client appreciation, but according to Entrepreneur you need to take it a step further to ensure a return on your investment. Ask for customer input during […]

Meeting Attendees Feel the Burn With “Sweatworking”

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of events forcing attendees to get up out of their seats and trade their business attire for workout gear. This trend has playfully been called “sweatworking” a spin on the traditional networking, and rather than gathering for drinks and conversation, event and meeting attendees are bonding over workouts. […]

7 Ways to Keep Exhibitors Happy (and Keep Them Coming Back for More)

Attendees are the heart and soul of any event, but that means exhibitors are the bread and butter. Exhibitors invest their time, confidence, and (most importantly) money into your event, so it’s important to make them happy and keep them coming back year after year. Event Manager Blog has a few tips to ensure exhibitors […]

3 Event Entertainment Blunders and How to Avoid Them

Entertainment is a great addition to any event, but that doesn’t mean you should jump at the first opportunity to come across your desk. Vetting event entertainment is of the utmost importance and luckily Special Events Magazine has a few tips to dodge any entertainment blunders. 1. Avoid entertainment for entertainment’s sake. Take a good hard look […]

Need an Affordable Event Destination? Check out These Five Options!

There are numerous cities across the United States working hard to become destinations for major corporate events and meetings. While traditional destinations, such as New York City, Chicago, and San Diego might come to mind, BizBash recently highlighted some different hotspots that could be the perfect fit for your next event. Pittsburgh A cultural renaissance is currently […]

Relax Attendees With Stress-Relieving Freebies and Activities

It doesn’t matter what sort of event you’re hosting, all event attendees like two fundamental things: freebies and activities. Sure, you have your everyday SWAG items to hand out and everyday activities like raffles and door prizes, but according to BizBash, your guests might want you to play a role in their ability to relax. […]

6 New Year Food Trends to Discuss With Caterers

Choosing the right menu for an event or corporate meeting is very important. In fact, we previously highlighted 10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Caterer. However, to truly select the best menu you need to be aware of culinary trends, and according to BizBash, the following 6 foods will be big hits in 2016. Heat […]

Alcohol and Events: 5 Things to Consider

There are numerous ways to get the party started at corporate meetings, conferences, and events. One of the most popular is providing (or selling) alcohol. However, serving alcohol at an event can be a risky proposition, so you need to ensure you’ve made the right preparations beforehand. Have a plan in place Rather than wing […]

Searching for a Caterer? Consider a Food Truck

It doesn’t matter if it’s a music festival or a corporate meeting; food trucks are quickly becoming the event caterers of choice across the country. However, hiring a food truck comes with its own set of considerations you don’t face with a conventional caterer. Obtain special permits and insurance– A food truck requires a special […]

The First Step to a Successful Event Is a Streamlined Check-In Area

The check-in area of an event is your first line of defense, and you want to make sure it’s running efficiently. This entire process can be daunting and stressful for both guests and event planners, but with the following advice from Event Manager Blog, you can ensure the attendee check-in process goes off without a […]

Event Planning Lessons Learned From Music Festivals

Coachella is one of the biggest, and most popular, music festivals in the United States. The festival, now in its 17th year recently announced its lineup for 2016 and the Internet is already buzzing. The immediate response is a good indicator of just how much of an influence music festivals have throughout the event industry, […]

4 Tricks to Boost Your Event’s Instagram Engagement

Instagram is a fantastic tool to help amplify your event marketing efforts. In fact, a study from Forrester Research shows that Instagram posts generate a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%, which is 58 times more than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. These are some hard-hitting facts, and should be the incentive you need […]

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Collect Event Feedback

Throwing a successful event takes a lot of practice, and collecting feedback from attendees can certainly help. Even though all this valuable feedback is staring you in the face, gathering it can be a daunting task. Luckily, MeetingsNet has a few pointers to get the process started. 1. Surveys If you’re looking to collect quantitative […]

4 Event Expenses Worth the Extra Money

Throwing a corporate event on a budget can be difficult, and many people look for ways to cut corners wherever they can. However, there are a few areas that are worth the extra investment. Audio-Video – If visuals and presentations are a big part of your event, hiring a great AV company is a worthwhile investment. […]

What Do Event Planners and Santa Have in Common?

A lot more than you think! The holidays are a busy time for event planning, and as Santa chills out following his busiest night of the year, Event Manger Blog recently highlighted the reasons he would make the best event planner in the business. He’s in many places at once– A great event planner knows […]

Questions Every Event Planner Faces on a Daily Basis

As event planners, the team at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events is familiar with fielding questions from our clients and answering them in the best ways possible. However, there are a few constant questions we face on a daily basis that aren’t as productive, and we’d like to take some time to address them: 1. […]

Your Comprehensive Event Planning Checklist!

Planning an event is tough work, and if you have too many loose ends before the launch date, you can wind up with a severe headache. Thankfully, Comstock’s Magazine recently highlighted everything to consider during the planning process to avoid any problems. Building your team  Event planner: You might be planning a small office party or a major […]

Invigorate Attendees During Their Downtime

Meetings and corporate events that are loaded with networking opportunities, presentations, and action-packed exhibit halls are great, but have you ever thought about planning activities during breaks? Many attendees and participants may want to use their breaks for some rest and relaxation, but according to BizBash, there are some great ways to keep them engaged and having […]

Ask The Right Questions Before Hiring Event Staff

Your next event is ready to go. You’ve secured a venue, selected a menu, and determined a theme – what else could you need? The answer: the right staff to work the event. According to Endless Entertainment, staff can make or break even a well-planned event, so make sure to ask the following before hiring […]

Low-Tech Ways to Get People Talking

Technology does a great job bringing people together, but that doesn’t mean you need to forget low-tech ways to get people talking during your next corporate event or company meeting. Event Manager Blog recently outlined five effective ways to get event attendees and coworkers networking and learning. Here are the first four: Storytelling Your goal […]

7 Steps for Securing Your Next Event

Recent events across the globe have a lot of people on edge. Some countries have even gone as far as urging their citizens not to travel in large groups in public spaces. This type of mindset can have a negative impact on large corporate events. However, with the right event security tips you can provide […]

Chatter: What Are Event Leaders Saying about Millennials? (and other key issues)

Millennials are one of the toughest demographics to target with events. However, according to BizBash, this age group represents more than $200 billion in annual buying power, so attracting them is a must for any company. In a recent podcast hosted by Brandt Kreuger and Audrey Gallien and featuring BizBash CEO and founder David Adler, […]

4 Innovative Ways to Invigorate Your Next Meeting

One of the ultimate goals of corporate meetings is to discuss key issues and get coworkers to improve their productivity. According to Event Manager Blog, planning a corporate meeting might seem like a cut and dry task, but there are some unconventional tactics you can implement to get the most out of your next meeting. Reduce […]

10 Questions to Ask on Your Post-Event Survey

Event Planning Technology: Past to Present

The team at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events loves technology and its use in event planning. While we normally cover current trends and look to the future, we’d like to take a moment to examine the history of event planning technology and how it’s changed over the years. BizBash recently outlined some key technological features, showing […]

7 Things to Check and Double-Check Before Your Next Event

Throwing a major corporate event is challenging, and you’re bound to run into a few hiccups here and there. Spot-checking small details helps avoid major issues, and will also help you deal with any problems that may arise. The following checklist from BizBash highlights a few things you should check and double-check before kicking off your next […]

Stimulate Creativity During Your Next Company Meeting

Creativity is hard to come by in the workplace, but with so many people trying to recreate the wheel each day, according to ReadWrite, there are many ways to get your employees thinking outside the box during your next company meeting. Think fast Crank up the intensity of your next brainstorming session by turning it into […]

NYT: Brands Pivot Strategies to Appeal to Millennials

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – it’s tough to engage Millennials during events and meetings. But according to a recent article from The New York Times, some brands are throwing out the playbook and taking new approaches to appeal to Millennials.   “Everything you know about advertising – chuck it,” Laura […]

4 Tricks for a Photogenic Event

Social media is one of the greatest tools to share your next corporate event. Here at Fourth Wall, we’ve taken you through promoting your event on Facebook and a number of other tips and tricks. But with the rapid growth of Snapchat and Instagram, making your event look good on social media is a new priority. The fifth annual […]

Light & Sound The Future of Event Décor

Transforming a drab room into a glowing event space is easy with the help of McVeigh Global Meetings and Events. Although components, such as standard pipe and drapes, fancy tablecloths, and creative centerpieces may be the norm, according to BizBash, light and sound are the future of event décor. The increasingly ubiquitous use of LEDs takes […]

7 Tips to Snag a Corporate Event Sponsor

Planning a corporate event on your own can be a daunting task, but with the help of the professionals at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events, it’s a breeze. However, a professional event-planning team isn’t the only thing that can help make your event a success. Have you ever considered finding event sponsorship? Sponsors are a […]

Lead Your Next Panel With a Professional Moderator

Panels are a great way to get industry experts together to share ideas among themselves as well as the audience. However, according to, unless a professional moderator leads the panel, it could fall flat.   A panel helps break up a corporate event while also showcasing many perspectives and real-world examples to guests. However, much like […]

Technology and the Future of Event Planning

Mobile. Social. Augmented. Wearable. What does this all mean for the future of social events? According to James Spellos from Meeting U at the recent Techsy Talk, it’s the direction that event industry technology is headed. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of Americans are smartphone owners. Of all smartphone owners, 68% use their devices […]

7 Participation Tips to Get Guests Talking | McVeigh Global Meetings and Events

Major corporate events are a lot more effective when they encourage guest participation. Attendees who work together, network, and share ideas are guaranteed to walk away feeling much more fulfilled and will retain what they learn longer and more accurately. It can be difficult to get guests to openly participate, but with the following tips […]

3 Quick Tips to Take Your Corporate Event to the Next Level

With the help of McVeigh Global Meetings and Events, your next corporate event or corporate meeting is sure to be out of this world. However, guests can be picky, and most of them want to attend an event they can brag about to their friends and peers. To truly make your next event stand out […]

10 AV Mistakes to Avoid Before an Event

The venue is booked, the guest list is finalized, and the caterer is preparing the menu, but did you remember to double-check all the audio-visuals? According to Endless Entertainment, the following are the top-10 AV mistakes to avoid before your next event. 1. Don’t assume everyone is ready– As early as two weeks before the event, touch […]

5 Tips to Keep Cool During an Event Meltdown

Murphy’s law dictates that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and should disaster strike during your next corporate event, techsytalk offers the following tips to handle it. 1. Don’t Panic Most issues that arise during a major corporate event are easy to solve, especially if you keep a level head. In fact, if […]

6 Event Marketing Tips to Build Your Guest List

McVeigh Global Meetings and Events has helped you set the date, book a venue, and design a one-of-a-kind corporate event experience, but you might still be worried that guests won’t show up. Successfully marketing your event might seem like a daunting task, but luckily according to Forbes Magazine, it’s a lot easier than you think. […]

Follow the Leader: A Look at 5 Top Live Event Innovators

Planning an event is easy with the help of the professionals at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events, but there are also numerous companies currently changing the industry from within. Fast Company recently took a look at the most innovative companies in live events, and by adhering to the age old saying of “learn from the best”, […]

The Real Cost of a Bad Corporate Event

People are looking for that “wow” factor, so it can be difficult to host a successful meeting or event. However, with the right goals defined and a dedicated team providing support, your next event can go above and beyond. According to a recent Forbes Magazine piece by Josh Linkner, live meetings in the business world are paramount […]

Tomorrow’s Event Attendees Making an Impact Today

Convention centers are constantly changing. Modern convention centers have added emphasis on comfort, connectivity, and flexibility while connecting with the surrounding destination. But why is this the case? Luckily, the answer is pretty simple. The next generation of convention-goers (Millennials) is already making a big impact on the layout of venues. Todd Voth, Senior Principal at […]

Need a Hotel for Your Next Event? Make Sure to Ask the Right Questions

Hotels are great venues for corporate events. They provide accommodations for attendees, meeting spaces, and tons of amenities for some rest and relaxation. However, not all hotels are created equal, and you should ask the following questions before choosing one for your next event: 1. Can attendees connect? Think about the type of event you’re […]

5 Tips to Keep Millennials Engaged in Meetings

The look, shape, and culture of the American workforce are constantly changing. But whether you work for a small startup or a major corporation, you want to ensure you’re engaging employees while planning your next meeting. One of the biggest curveballs currently being thrown at office culture is the growing number of Millennials entering the […]

A Look at Comic-Con: Your Event Does More Good Than You Think

For four days every year, San Diego changes gears as a beachfront paradise to a destination for some of the biggest fan boys (and girls) in fantasy, comic books, gaming, and film. You simply know the event as Comic-Con, but for the more than 100,000 annual guests, it’s the must-attend event of the year that […]

13 Tips to Keep Guests Until the Very End

Planning a successful event for any occasion is tough enough, but sometimes getting your guests to stick around is the hardest part. According to Event Manager Blog, event planners of major conferences are all too familiar with this dilemma. While there isn’t one magic solution to this issue, the website offers the following tips to […]

Soothing stress makes you a better leader

Even the minor stress of life’s little annoyances — traffic, long meetings and tight deadlines can take a toll on our well-being, sense of personal balance and overall effectiveness. You might wonder how that could be a concern to your management style, since you’re regularly devoting time to your leadership skills. If you’re the only […]

10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Caterer

Evolving Tastes: Predicting This Year’s Biggest Food Trends

Everyone needs to eat – it’s a fact of life. However, choosing a menu for your next event that will appeal to all of your guests can be a challenging task. In event planning client and guest tastes are constantly changing and evolving, and you want to serve hors d’oeuvres and main dishes that will […]

9 Tips to Throwing a MEGA Event

Woodstock ’69 is arguably the most famous music festival ever held, but even though it’s been nearly 50 years since the Summer of Love, mega music festivals are more popular than ever. With hundreds of thousands of attendees, some of the biggest names in music, and countless logistics to account for, events such as South […]

Designing your EVENT layout

There are some basic rules of thumb for laying out your event. Some are really obvious, self-explanatory and even remedial. But others are completely subjective and turn a simple draft into a blueprint for a work of art. It is generally accepted that feng shui is really important to how you design the layout of […]

Tips for DESIGNING Event Lighting

When we walk into a room, we think we see the incredible flowers, beautiful linens or the amazing scenery. The guests usually don’t know the truth-that they are only seeing those things the way the lighting designer intended. The way we light a room or a specific element completely changes the way it looks and […]