Social media is one of the greatest tools to share your next corporate event. Here at Fourth Wall, we’ve taken you through promoting your event on Facebook and a number of other tips and tricks. But with the rapid growth of Snapchat and Instagram, making your event look good on social media is a new priority.

The fifth annual Streamy Awards recently took place in Los Angeles. The event’s after party – honoring online video content and its creators – was recognized by BizBash for it’s top-notch visual appeal and ability to look great in front of the camera.

1. Go neon

You may have thought neon colors would stay in the 80’s, but they’re coming back in a big way. Neon colors look great in photographs, especially in a dimply-lit space. Instagram filters take them a step further and make them pop. Simple neon striping can vividly highlight bar- and tabletops, are easy to install, and won’t break the bank.

2. Knickknacks are back

Attendees who enjoy taking photos and sharing them on social media love setting their own stage. Streamy Awards organizers creatively capitalized on this by displaying photogenic knickknacks based on emojis throughout the event space. You can even let guests take some of them home as a reminder of the event.

3. #hashitout

Guests can quickly add hashtags to the photos of your event, but why not take it a step further and display hashtags in photogenic areas. For example, if your event has a beautiful view out a window, sticking your event’s hashtag to it will spur a ton of interest.

4. Provide a backdrop

A photo booth is a great way to get guests involved and having fun at your event. In fact, photo booths are so popular at everything from weddings to large corporate events that providers are constantly looking for new and unique spins on them. One of the more interesting takes is a slow-motion photo booth that fires confetti at the subjects while taking a short five to 10-second video – perfect social media material.

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