The team at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events constantly has its eyes on the price of hotel accommodations. Hotels are great venues for major corporate events since they are usually easy to get to, offer tons of amenities, and provide on-site accommodations for attendees.

But with a recent surge in hotel rates, Sparksight recommends keeping a few things in mind that could otherwise end up impacting your overall budget.

  1. Double check the cancelation policy
    Certain situations might require an event to be called off at the last minute. Certain hotels have outrageous cancelation policies, so make sure you’re aware of the fee in case something unpredictable happens.
  2. Is there a food and beverage minimum?
    Regardless of the size of your event, food and beverages (F&B) most often takes up a good chunk of your budget. Simply put, this is where hotels make their revenue to operate and provide their meetings and events spaces. Many hotels don’t allow you to bring in a vendor to provide this service, so read the fine print since you might have to shell out big bucks for the hotel to provide F&B.
  3. Track audio-video capabilities
    Hotels normally have on-site AV capabilities that are included in your quote. However, if this isn’t the case, you’ll need to pay extra to bring in a third-party provider.
  4. Is Wi-Fi included?
    Why wouldn’t they give event attendees access to the hotel’s Wi-Fi? The answer – hotels often try to squeeze extra expenses out of seemingly obvious areas, so you might find yourself paying extra so attendees can join the network.
  5. Leverage sales managers
    Many hotels have sales managers in place to book special events and conference spaces. But these individuals are no different than professionals in other sales positions. They still have quotas and bottom lines, and you might be able to use this to your advantage.

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Whether it’s a hotel, concert hall, or a one-of-a-kind venue, McVeigh Global Meetings and Events has the knowledge and experience to turn your dream into a reality.  We are experts in negotiating many of the points mentioned in this article. Partner with us today!