There are many resources out there that offer tips on how to get attendees excited about your event, but what happens after they get there? Sometimes that initial excitement will start to waver as attendees lose momentum, especially for multi-day events. Here, we will provide some tips for re-energizing event attendees both mentally and physically.

1. Develop interactive presentations that engage the audience.

There is nothing more energy-sucking than a boring presentation. Use different interactive presentation elements to keep the audience interested and engaged. Live polling is a great tool for getting the audience’s reaction and getting to know more about what they need and want. A social media Q&A is also a great way to get audience participation.

2. Use group activities to get attendees interacting with one another.

Group activities don’t have to feel like work. Create fun opportunities for attendees to get to know one another and interact. One example is a team scavenger hunt that requires attendees to explore the event activities with others. Offering prizes is a great way to get attendees to participate and motivate them to work together.

3. Encourage social media participation and include live social media feeds.

Social media is a great way to keep event attendees excited and engaged. Make sure that you create a unique event hashtag and advertise this hashtag at the event. People can use this hashtag to discuss their favorite event moments, share photos, and engage with other attendees. You can also include live social media feeds on a screen at the event to entice others to join the conversation.

4. Include wellness-related activities at the event.

Even if attendees are interested in speakers and other event activities, it can be hard to keep their physical energy levels up, especially for events that take place over several days. Getting the body moving is a great way to increase energy, and you can help attendees do this by incorporating wellness-related activities into the event. For instance, you might hold a morning yoga session before the first speaker or activity or coordinate a group game of frisbee after lunch.

5. Offer healthy snacks in the swag bag.

Let’s be honest, it can sometimes be hard to get through the day without a little pick me up. Snacks help keep physical energy levels up throughout the day and satisfy attendees until meal time. If you include healthy (or not so healthy) snacks in the event swag bag, attendees can conveniently have a little snack break when they need it most.