“Influencers” are coveted attendees and can help add serious legitimacy to your event. Including everything from industry thought leaders and social media stars to celebrities and business executives, influencers are powerhouses when it comes to promoting your event’s messages, attracting press, and generating buzz.
You might ask yourself, “How do I get an influencer on my guest list?” and thankfully, BizBash has a few suggestions to help with the process.

  1. Make the invitation special
    One thing to know about influencers: they attend many events. This means your invitation needs to stand out from others. An excellent way to accomplish this is to deliver an actual letter, rather than a generic email. Whether you mail it, use a courier, or deliver it by hand, you’ll want the recipient to feel special.
  2. Create value
    Influencers know they’re valuable, so it’s crucial to make them feel that way. Designate a portion of your event to their expertise and promote their presence. However, many influencers will shy away from obvious ploys to use them solely for press and promotional purposes, so tread lightly.
  3. Incentivize
    Everyone likes to feel pampered, so use this to your advantage when courting influencers. Adding an influencer’s name to the invite, regarding them as a host, sending a gift, or providing accommodations and transportation will make them feel like a VIP.
  4. Venue matters
    The location of an event can severely impact whether your event is a hit or miss with influencers. A convenient location in a centralized area is ideal for attracting attendees, but influencers want to be seen at the hippest venue around.
  5. Call on other influencers
    Whether you lock down a popular keynote speaker, honoree, or host committee, attributing your event to respected names and organizations is a good way to attract influencers.“The cool kids will always want to be with the cool kids—as true for events as it was for high school,”Bespoke Boheme founder and creative director Kate Mazzuca tells BizBash.

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Influencers will be much more inclined to attend an event that is professionally planned. The team at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events can’t stress the importance of hosting a quality event enough. Ready to kick your next event up to the next level? Partner with us today!