Modern event planning must absolutely account for mobile devices: More people are using mobile phones or tablets than desktops since 2015, and it’s a trend that is becoming even more common as time passes. Make no mistake, most of your attendees are now depending on their mobile tech – but what does that mean for you? Let’s take a look.

1. Optimal Organization: Ensure that all your event info is optimized for mobile devices, and you will find it much easier to reach your potential audience. Part of this is simply statistics – many people simply prefer to use their mobile devices when searching social media, following up the latest news, and finding out more about upcoming events. However, part of it is also strategy: More and more companies are turning to custom-built apps that allow users to sign up, find directions, look at schedules, and even book seating in a single program…which also makes it much easier for you to track attendees. Mobile tech is great collecting useful data.

2. Lighter and Faster: Remember, the rise of mobile means that more and more attendees are switching out their laptops for tablets and phones. At first this may not mean much, but it does have an important effect on the mechanics of an event. Without being weighed down by laptops, attendees find it easier to move around and explore. They also have more room to pick up materials or samples, and require less room for seating – and less access to outlets. Taken together, this creates a more active, on-the-move audience that can squeeze more tightly together, hold more accessories, and show better endurance.

3. The Age of the Cam: Again, before mobile devices became so common there wasn’t much need to worry about everyone recording everything at your event…but that’s changed. Now everyone has a phone that can capture live video whenever they want, so you can bet that all important event features and quite a few unimportant features will be recorded and possibly made available online. You can’t control that, but you can control other factors: Make sure that the event is carefully streamlined, and that nothing happens out on stage that you don’t want on video. If you have any sensitive prototypes or designs, only show them at a distance to avoid the all-too-common counterfeiting issues until you are ready for a more solid release.


From taking notes and video to checking event apps for the next speaker, mobile devices are growing increasingly important.

From taking notes and video to checking event apps for the next speaker, mobile devices are growing increasingly important.


4. An Event of Many Parts: We’ve talked about apps, but there are other ways to incorporate the use of mobile devices in your presentations, and we suggest using them! Giving people something to do on their mobile devices can actually help them pay attention, as long as it ties into the current presentation. More advanced options include using augmented reality and other high-tech features to keep people engaged.

5. Immediate CTAs: Mobile devices make it easy – even easier than laptops – for attendees to provide their contact information, fill out a form, answer a survey, and so on. Thanks to QR codes, NFC technology, those great event apps we already discussed, and similar innovations, you can create many calls to action throughout your event, and expect a healthy response rate as well!

6. New Tech Engagement: Several exciting mobile advancements promise to help increase interest and engagement among attendees. One is the trend of iBeacons, which can broadcast specific information based on proximity – say, provide detailed sponsor information as you near a booth. Wireless charging technology is also advancing quickly, allowing attendees to charge their devices at a distance while making sure no one runs out of battery power. These innovations promise to improve modern event planning in even more ways in the coming years.

Feeling a little overwhelmed about all the ways mobile technology is changing the event world? Let us know at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events and we’ll let you know how we can help!