A business event is a very effective way to improve, establish, and grow your business. Some, but certainly not all, of the benefits of a business event include the generation of leads and referrals, the opportunity to connect with customers and other business owners, and the chance to reward your employees. In order to maximize the benefits of a business event, more and more owners are turning to business event planners. When searching for a planner that’s right for you, seven important traits that you should look for include the following:

1. Creative
A creative planner knows that a business event isn’t just some party where you throw out a few tables and chairs and hope everyone has a good time. By listening to you and asking questions, a creative planner creates a theme that perfectly matches your goals and needs. The theme sets the tone for the event and plays a key role in all decision-making processes, including:

•Food and beverage selection

And more. A perfect theme is one that allows attendees of the event to unconsciously relax and have a great time.

2. Practical
A practical planner understands that no one has an unlimited budget. They take the time to understand your goals and finances and create the type of event you want without breaking your bank account. By setting a preliminary budget that includes all major costs, such as venue rental, entertainment, food and beverages, and invitations, a practical planner makes sure you know upfront how the majority of your money will be spent.

3. Organized
For an event to be a success, it has to be well organized from start to finish. An organized planner has the experience needed to understand and take care of all the fine details that separate an ordinary event from an amazing one.

4. Personable
The best planners know how to relate to all types of people. They are able to understand you and your guests, as well as vendors and employees that they work with and are in charge of. A planner that produces results is one that is a natural and genuine “people person.”

5. Tasteful
A knack for good taste is a trait that only the very best event planners have. Understanding the purpose of the event and the personalities of the people who will be attending it allow a planner to make tasteful decisions that play a huge role in promoting an atmosphere where attendees will be completely comfortable.

6. Punctual
Far too often, planners get wrapped up in the artistic side of planning an event and neglect punctuality. An experienced planner knows that if anything related to an event is not on time, the attendees will be upset and possibly view the event and your company in an unfavorable light. By understanding the logistics of an event and creating a practical schedule, a punctual planner ensures an event runs on time.

7. Enthusiastic
Once all the pieces of the event puzzle are in place, a star event planner enthusiastically runs the event from start to finish. The best planners are the ones that display enthusiasm that carries over to event workers and guests.

These seven traits are what enable star business event planners to get results time and time again. If you’re interested in planning an event that will take your business to a new level, please contact us today. We would love the opportunity to learn about your company and its goals and plan an event for you. Our planners display the seven traits described in this post and have a strong, goal-oriented work ethic that can’t be matched.