The tech world is exploding with innovation, new ideas, and potential for even more growth, and there’s never been a better time to bring great minds in the technology industry together to make connections, brainstorm new ideas, and solve problems. Here are some of our best corporate ideas for the technology industry:

Work toward a common goal with a code-a-thon

Bring in professionals from around your area, region, or the country to work on something together. A code-a-thon, where developers come together for a day or more to create something—a deliverable product, like a website or an app—or solve a problem is a great way to bring people in the tech industry together. Plus, working together is a great way to get to know people without relying on small talk or forced group discussion—and it’s a great excuse to get brilliant minds in the tech industry together to make something amazing.

Show off new products with a showcase

If you’re in the business of creating new tech products, what better way to promote your brand, get people excited, and bring tech professionals together than with a showcase? Whether you’re showing off new video games, mobile devices, video equipment, or any other tech gear, a tech showcase is a great way to put your products on display in an interactive way.

Remember, attending a tech showcase shouldn’t be like visiting a museum—it should be an opportunity to try new things, learn about cutting-edge advances in technology, and even shop around for new devices, gadgets, and programs. Plus, you can invite other businesses and professionals to partner with you and showcase their own products for an even bigger, more exciting event for everyone.

Host a retreat and unplug

That’s right—unplug. This may seem counterintuitive and even counterproductive, but remember that an event for the technology industry is really an event for technology professionals: real people who are always surrounded by tech and probably in need of a break from it. In a world (and an industry) where we’re always connected and constantly surrounded by screens, it can be a challenge to get away and unplug from work. Sometimes, what we need to relax and refresh is time away from it all to rest up, form relationships, trade ideas, and gain inspiration. So whether it’s an outdoor retreat or simply a dinner focused on making real, personal connections, think about the best ways for busy, brilliant, and hardworking people to sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know new people in their industry.

Brainstorm ways to use technology for good

Digital technology has taken massive leaps forward in the past few years, and it holds a lot of potential for doing good and making people’s lives better in big ways. However, that’s not always—or even usually—the focus of our discussions around technology and the tech industry as a whole.

Bring together like-minded people in tech to make connections and brainstorm ways to use our technological advancement to solve problems, affect change, and be a force for good in the world. This type of event can look many different ways—maybe it’s people working together to solve one issue, or brainstorming new ideas together, or having influencers speak about their work.

As you can see, there are many ways to create an exciting and unique corporate event within the technology industry so be sure to utilize some of these ideas to ensure your event is a success.