Trade show trends are always changing. In fact, trends shift so drastically that it’s hard to stay head of the curve for most people. Today’s trade show trends are so different from a year ago that it requires an entire team of event design professionals to keep everything straight.

According to Event Manager Blog, the following are the hottest trends currently taking trade shows by storm:

  • VIP for a day
    Trade show exhibitors are taking it upon themselves to make their current and prospective clients fee like VIPs. Between inviting them to dinners and parties to all-star access at networking events, it is quality face time that turns prospects into loyal customers.
  • Keep it personal
    We are currently living in the information era. Never before have trade show exhibitors had this much information on current and prospective clients. Exhibitors start their research on clients months in advance and are ready to make them feel right at home on the show floor.
  • Data mining gold
    With a simple raffle or contest, it’s easy to drum up tons of data on clients during a trade show. To the untrained eye, this information looks like white noise, but to the right individual, patterns start to emerge and you can use these data trends to your advantage.

Read more at Event Manager Blog.

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