Millennials – the generation brands, company management, and event planners work tirelessly to figure out. Although there is no single answer to keeping Millennials engaged during your next meeting, highlighting some common traits and tailoring the experience can certainly help.

Millennials are…

  • You’ll be hard pressed to find a Millennial without a smartphone in their pocket, and you can use this tool to your advantage. Smartphones are a direct source of information which allows users to stay connected with the latest news and trends across the globe. Before your next meeting, research trending topics on Facebook and Twitter and work these subjects into the discussion.
  • Tech-Savvy. When it comes to technology, no generation is more in tune than Millennials. A tech-savvy meeting with video conferencing and relevant webinars will pique their interest.

Millennials want…

  • To be recognized. Sure, it sounds needy, but Millennials are a generation of individuals who crave recognition. During your next meeting, highlight recent milestones and accomplishments of a handful of attendees. This sort of instant gratification will spur others to get involved.
  • A work-life balance. Meetings don’t have to be all serious business. Tap into Millennials’ need for a work-life balance and plan a fun activity for your next meeting. Try taking employees to a yoga class or neighborhood hotspot, but always tie the activity back to a central theme.
  • Millennials were taught to be themselves and have an identity, but they still really want to work together. Millennials are very team oriented and like collaborating while building friendships with colleagues. Your meetings should reflect this desire with open brainstorms and idea exchanges.

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