Elite Patient Services

Clinical Trial Elite Patient Services

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Hospitality meets life sciences to increase patient retention and improve clinical trial management.

MGME's seamless support enables patients to connect more effectively with clinical trials of new medicines. Patient retention is critical in ensuring trials move through their phases. Keeping participants in a trial ultimately helps keep a study on track, saving the site time, money and resources in the process. We reduce the barriers to trial participation, making it possible for patients and others to gain faster access to potentially useful new treatments.

7 out of every 100 known patients complete the trial.

18% of randomized patients drop out of clinical trials.

Common reasons participants drop out:

  • Inconvenient location
  • Schedule conflicts
  • Physically unable
  • Forgetting visits
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Lack of appreciation

Take advantage of MGME's 30-year history of logistics management in the Life Science industry.

From the participant's enrollment until the the trial's completion, MGME’s multilingual, in country coordinators provide seamless, personalized support—communicating with patients, caregivers, sites and sponsors along every step of the way. Not only do we pay attention to every detail, our deeper focus on human connection brings ease and understanding to the patients.

We provide seamless logistical support for the patient experience

  • Lunch & Learn Recruitment
  • Individualized travel
  • Housing logistics
  • Patient registration
  • Communication
  • Payment/reimbursement systems
  • Ground transfers
  • Onsite coordinators who understand the unique patient experience
  • Global Compliance Consulting/Training