Event planners don’t need to become social media groupies to engage an audience – according to IDEO partner, Fred Dust. He further states, “Innovation and the future isn’t about technology. It is not just about what’s the next product. Innovation is really about disruption.”

Dust argues that there is a need to pay attention to good design, understanding the context, listening, and recognizing that habits are slow to change. He states there’s a need to take risks and “It takes bravery; it takes putting something out there…”

The aura of the event is planned inclusive of the venue location, mood and style. The design principles have been completed and it’s time to create the real event experience.

What is the story? How will the attendees take it with them? Event planners who strive to answer these questions have focus.

Frances Ford Coppola, in an interview states, “When you make a movie, always try to discern what the theme of the movie is in one or two words. A tight focus – this is what makes a film more effective. If you don’t have anything driving that focus, you’re not directing. You’re guessing.”

Storytellers know that before they can choose a story – they will need to know who their audience is.

Effective Event Marketing keeps the focus on the attendees by researching into the backgrounds of different generations searching for their social interaction personalities. Read on and find yours.

Generation Z – the digital natives/Internet & mobile devices.

Generation Y – the Millennials’/Responds well to e-mail and social-media.

Generation X – A mixture of methods will work for this group.

Baby Boomer’s – Most valuable of the generations in the history of marketing. The only generation to embrace both digital and print media.

Traditionalists – Known as the silent generation. This generation responds less to social media and e-mail. Responds well when shown value.

Effective Event Marketing creates EXPERIENCE and Value. That’s what all generations want.