Everyone needs to eat – it’s a fact of life. However, choosing a menu for your next event that will appeal to all of your guests can be a challenging task. In event planning client and guest tastes are constantly changing and evolving, and you want to serve hors d’oeuvres and main dishes that will leave a good taste in their mouth. Chefs and caterers are always trying to stay ahead of the curve by predicting the next big trends in the culinary experience. In recent years, we’ve seen major culinary trends come and go almost overnight. From exotic cupcakes and veggies galore to high-quality artisanal pizzas and upscale comfort foods, some of these trends were short lived, while others are proving to be age old classics.

“Clients are willing to pay for high-quality food, service and presentation.”

Special Event Magazine recently highlighted a number of culinary trends event planners can expect to see in the coming years. Prevalent trends that experts say are here to stay include favorites such as the ongoing gluten-free craze and a stronger desire for locally grown foods. Meanwhile, Blue Plate Chicago revealed to Special Event Magazine some of the newer trends it hopes to see. “Blue Plate says hot trends include Korean food, ancient grains, house-made harissa, the ‘reinvention of the cheese ball,” ramen, ‘brinner–breakfast for dinner,’ and small- batch crafted vodkas and bourbon. Clients are willing to pay for high-quality food, service and presentation.” Although predicting exactly where the winds will blow six months to a year down the road is challenging, keeping up with (and embracing) current trends will be sure to dazzle your guests with an innovative culinary experience.