Close your eyes and imagine the last event that you attended. Whether it was a wedding or a business event, the impression you had from the moment you entered until you walked out the door was largely directed toward the person or business behind the event. The way an event is managed can say a lot about a business or individual. An event that is managed with attention to detail and care sends a message that the business behind the event is serious and will take care of its clients. An event that lacks management and thoughtfulness however, can put a poor taste in anyone’s mouth and possibly even create irreparable damage.

What is an event designer?
Hiring an event designer is a great way to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. Unlike an event planner, an event designer focuses on the aesthetics of an event. Ensuring the event visually appeals to your guests would fall directly on the shoulders of the event designer. While this may seem like a simple task, event designers are tasked with creating a first impression for your new clients and reassurance for existing clients. Event designers are without a doubt worth every penny. If you are planning an upcoming event then here are four reasons why an event planner can help you stand out.

1. Creative solutions with any budget
Are you a start-up with a cost-conscious mindset? Or perhaps you are an established business that hopes to stay under budget but has a very specific idea in mind. Event designers are not only flexible, but through experience, established contacts, and resources, they are able to provide a look and feel for almost any budget. With a few tweaks, you will have the event that you had conjured up while simultaneously opening up your schedule to focus on business-related issues.

2. Transform a space into an experience
For many, looking at an empty room doesn’t really mean much at all. For an event designer however, an empty room is a blank canvas on which they can create their next masterpiece. After collecting some details about your event, your market, and your requirements for the event, these designers will immediately begin crafting ideas to deliver an event that will make you and your business stand out. From flowers to food to entertainment, every last detail is tailor-made specifically for your event as if you had delivered it from your own personal tastes and interests.

3. Obstacles are handled in a creative fashion
All events come with their share of hiccups. Even the most experienced designer may find it difficult to predict certain catastrophes that could take place. However, in the world of an event designer, Murphy’s Law (“if anything can go wrong, it will”) stays true to form, and therefore, being prepared to face these challenges means tapping into their creative side. While this may be a potential issue for someone who isn’t in the field, experienced event designers will see an opportunity to be creative rather than dwell on a small issue.

4. Resources provide excellent solutions
One of the greatest parts of being an event designer is that they have multiple connections throughout the industry. Even the self-made designers had to start somewhere, and typically, this means a contact list of like-minded individuals with whom they can brainstorm. While some designers may rely on their own experience and research when designing an event, having access to others in the same position provides them with a creative channel to bounce their ideas off of when in a pinch.

Having an event designer to ensure that your event presents your company exactly as you have envisioned is very important. If you have any questions about event design or how we could help you, please contact us today.