When you’re planning any event, choosing the entertainment is especially important, because it’s crucial that you get it right. The entertainment can make the difference for guests deciding whether or not to come, and it’s what they’ll remember most about their experience. So whether it’s a keynote speaker, live music, or something a little different, here are some top tips to choose the right entertainment for your corporate event:

1. Know your audience
Think about who your guests are and what you’re offering them from your event. Who are they, and how will you market the event to them? If you’re not sure about your audience’s preferences as a whole, do some research on the industry, the community, and past events. What have similar, successful events done before?

If you have contacts in the field, it’s always a good idea to crowdsource and survey others’ thoughts as well, and get ideas from people who fit your audience demographics. And if you’re still unsure, try searching social media for industry groups and leaders to give you an idea of what might be the best fit for your audience.

2. Align entertainment with program theme and goals
When you’ve narrowed in on your audience, think about the event’s main theme and goals. What do you want to give your audience, and what do you want guests’ main takeaway to be?

For example, do you want to educate your audience on developments in their field? Give them a chance to hear from an industry leader? Or maybe you want to create a comfortable environment for networking, collaborating, and sharing ideas. Maybe your main goal is to be memorable and make sure guests have a good time—in which case, you may be able to think outside the box a little more than normal for corporate events.

3. Make sure it’s engaging, and keep attendees energy levels up
While making sure that your entertainment will deliver on what your audience wants and meets your own goals for your event, it’s also important to think about the entertainment in terms of your event as a whole. Look at your agenda through the eyes of attendees, and think about how you’d be feeling as a guest. The last thing you want is guests who are worn out, bored, or too tired to pay attention to your main entertainment, so think about entertainment that will keep energy levels up, or at least structuring your event in a way that gives guests breaks, provides opportunities to get up and move around, and re-energizes your audience.

Consider planning your agenda around your entertainment, too, if the timing works out for you to do so. For example, if guests will be sitting and listening to speakers a lot at your event, try scheduling a networking time right before your main keynote or planning your main event in a different space so guests will get some exercise and have more energy going into the main entertainment. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box and insert different kinds of entertainment throughout the event, like music, a collaborative session, or even a stand-up comedian. Even if it’s outside of the comfort zone of most corporate events, it’s crucial to make sure attendees have a great experience and keep their energy levels up.

Finding the right fit for your event’s entertainment can be a challenge, but following these steps will make it a lot easier to get it just right. Happy planning!

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