Transforming a drab room into a glowing event space is easy with the help of McVeigh Global Meetings and Events. Although components, such as standard pipe and drapes, fancy tablecloths, and creative centerpieces may be the norm, according to BizBash, light and sound are the future of event décor.

The increasingly ubiquitous use of LEDs takes event lighting design to a whole new level while also serving as a safe, low-cost alternative to traditional systems. A single LED light system can match colors for any event and project them on walls, ceilings, and table displays. LED light systems also work great with modular systems like FormSet.

In the past, getting the best possible sound system during a corporate event was going to cost you, but newer developments have all but eliminated the price vs. quality dilemma.

Meanwhile, major venues that continually host events are cutting out audio-visual companies altogether by introducing state-of-the-art, all-inclusive systems. For example, the Pacific Room is a multi-use event space at the Long Beach Arena with the technical complexity of a space shuttle. It’s interesting to check out.