Corporate meetings are one of the best ways to grow and expand your business. When contemplating the idea of having a meeting, the two options that usually arise are the choices of either organizing the meeting yourself or booking meeting services. The majority of companies find that hiring a company that provides meeting services is the better of the two options because it saves time, money, and frustration. In order to book the right meeting services, you should keep four points in mind. Here they are:

1. Is the company able to create a plan for your meeting?
A plan is the most important part of a successful meeting. Good meeting services will include professional meeting planners who patiently and actively listen to your meeting vision and goals. They will create a plan that will ensure the type of results you want. Every detail of the meeting will be covered in the plan, and the planners will be able to give you approximate costs so you can make an informed decision regarding what you want.

2. Is the company that’s providing the services able to execute?
A company providing meeting services has to be able to execute their plan perfectly. The best way to tell if they can execute efficiently is to ask very specific questions regarding how they plan on carrying out your meeting. The company that’s right for you will be the one that can give you all the details regarding every move they’ll make when the day of your meeting arrives. A company that can give you examples of how they’ve handled events similar to yours is probably a great one.

3. Does the meeting services company have case studies?
Case studies speak the truth. A company that has case studies is one that you should be interested in hiring. The best meeting services will be provided by a company that is able to sit down with you and explain every detail of their case studies. They’ll be able to tell you how your meetings results can match or exceed those in the case study. They’ll also be able to tell you what will be different about your meeting. In each case study, there should be tangible evidence that shows you the company can produce the results that you want. In this regard, hiring the right meeting services company can positively affect your business in an invaluable way.

4. Do they have testimonials and references?
Complements to case studies are testimonials and references. They back up the results in the case studies and give you real opinions of the company’s previous clients. Testimonials and references should include any, all, or any combination of the following:

  • A statement regarding the company’s ability to produce results
  • A statement regarding the professionalism of the services provided
  • A generally positive overall impression of the company’s services

If you call references, they should be able to explain the benefits and results that the meeting services company provided them with. A great company is one that has testimonials and references that back up everything they tell you before you hire them.

Once you’ve done all of your homework and are satisfied with a company, it’s time to hire them. Making the right decision is simple and easy if you take this information into account. If you’re interested in learning more about meeting planning services or have any specific questions regarding your next meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact McVeigh Global Meetings and Events. One of our meeting planning specialists would love to talk to you and create a plan that ensures your meeting is a success.