Technology does a great job bringing people together, but that doesn’t mean you need to forget low-tech ways to get people talking during your next corporate event or company meeting.

Event Manager Blog recently outlined five effective ways to get event attendees and coworkers networking and learning. Here are the first four:


Your goal might be to spread brand awareness and distribute information, which can be done in an interactive way. People respond well to storytelling, so spend time trying to promote group engagement.

Hire a Learning Coach

Professional learning coaches do a great job getting people involved. They help set the tone and help participants get the most out of everything, whether it’s retaining new information, improved networking, getting inspired, or simply getting participants out of their comfort zone.

Keep Things Peer-to-Peer

Introducing an idea then prompting participants to break into small groups to discuss is an excellent way to promote open dialogue. Ideally, the groups should struggle to come up with a solution before they have to present their findings to the others.

Take Meaningful Breaks

It’s a good idea to break up an event or a long meeting with breaks, but schedule them with an objective in mind. Ask a question before taking a break so that solutions can be provided when attendees return. Participants will naturally come together to discuss it during their downtime.

Getting people involved can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. The dedicated team at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events is well versed in many teambuilding activities, ice-breakers, and conversational kindling, and would be happy to help!