In honor of Earth Day, we sat down with MaryBeth Reeves, MGME's Sustainability Director, to dive into our journey towards making events more sustainable for our clients. MaryBeth spearheads our comprehensive sustainability program, ensuring that every client is given the opportunity and tools to host environmentally responsible events. 

Leading the Charge 

Since rolling out our sustainability program in 2023, MaryBeth has been at the helm, driving initiatives that prioritize eco-conscious practices with the help of MGME’s Sustainability Committee. Her dedication is evident through her completion of the rigorous Sustainable Event Planner Certification, encompassing 16 modules and a Capstone project aligned with the UN's 17 Sustainability Goals. MaryBeth has successfully navigated the CDP-Carbon Disclosure Project, a leading sustainability and carbon disclosure rating system. Additionally, she was recently named the Pharma Forum 2024 Sustainability Leader of the Year. 

Tracking Our Progress 

In 2024, we've implemented Standard Operating Procedures for carbon emissions tracking, a crucial step towards establishing a baseline and developing science-based reduction targets by 2025. Carbon emissions tracking is now integrated into our operations, ensuring accountability and progress towards our sustainability goals. 

Partnering for Impact 

Collaboration is key to our sustainability efforts. MaryBeth actively contributes to the SITE Global Sustainability Committee, advocating for industry-wide transformation towards more environmentally conscious events. Together with our Sustainability Committee, MaryBeth trains our staff on best practices and Standard Operating Procedures, empowering them to implement green initiatives seamlessly. 

Guiding Our Clients 

For our clients, we offer comprehensive reports on event sustainability measures, guiding them toward eco-conscious choices. From venue selection to menu planning, we prioritize sustainability at every stage of event management. By partnering with accredited agencies and leveraging carbon offset programs, we strive to minimize the carbon footprint of every event we host. 

Making Events Greener 

Looking to the future, MGME is committed to continuous improvement in sustainability without compromising attendee experience or increasing costs. Here are some ways we're making events more sustainable: 

  1. Venue Selection: Choosing venues that meet sustainability standards with waste sorting stations, energy-saving equipment, and sustainable partners.
  2. Menu Planning: Collaborating with venue F&B teams to incorporate seasonal and local foods, right-sizing menus, and donating excess food.
  3. Décor Choices: Opting for local and seasonal décor, using living plants as centerpieces, and donating décor items post-event.
  4. Reducing Disposables: Eliminating single-use plastics and opting for biodegradable alternatives where needed.
  5. Sustainable Signage & Printing: Utilizing digital signage options and reusable signage to minimize waste.
  6. Furniture Alternatives: Using venue furniture or borrowing from public areas to reduce emissions associated with renting.
  7. Donation Opportunities: Donating unused resources to local charities or shelters post-event.
  8. Production Practices: Leveraging local partners, LED lighting, and digital tools to minimize environmental impact.

Our Collective Responsibility 

At MGME, sustainability isn't just a goal—it's a commitment to our planet and future generations. By prioritizing eco-conscious practices in event management, we're not only reducing our carbon footprint but also inspiring others to join us in the journey towards a greener, more sustainable world. This Earth Day, let's celebrate our planet and recommit to making every day Earth Day through conscious actions and collective efforts. Together, we can make a difference.