Moveable venue objects are any objects in the venue space that the event team can move and place themselves. This includes partitions, planters (fake or otherwise), benches, and anything else that can change how a venue appears and functions. It’s important to note what movable objects you have to work with in any venue – and what they can do for you when you are ready.

Partitions Allow You to Customize Your Space – Don’t Ignore Them!

Partitions are a common and excellent venue object: Use them to create just the kind of space that you need. With the right partition setup, you can do anything from creating several different “rooms” for different activities to channeling attendees past sponsors on their way to the dining table. Partitions can also cover up messes or private work areas as well as give the appearance of a different kind of space – like turning a hallway into a classroom or dining area. If your venue offers competent partitions, jump at the chance to use them effectively.

There May Also Be Some Things You Need to Hide

Plants, chairs, partitions and other objects are also great at hiding things…which may be more important that you would expect. Movable decorations or walls can help hide extra little storage areas or a mess of cables that you don’t want anyone tripping over, or a distracting sign/poster…you get the idea. Don’t just think of objects in terms of how pretty they are, but think about what they can cover up.

Floor Plans May or May Not Include Movable Objects

Some venues include notes about movable objects in their floor plans, and some don’t. It can be difficult to know which unless you either visit in person or ask your venue contact. We suggest both, just to make sure. If there are partitions or other objects in storage, waiting to be used, it would be too bad if you never found out about them.

Some Movable Objects May Surprise You

Today’s movable objects are getting more sophisticated all the time, allowing you to adjust the venue space in new, unexpected ways. For example, some venues are using movable ceilings that allow you to drop down decorations, drapes or lights wherever you want. This essentially turns a large open space into your own personal sketchpad for creating different layouts, a much more versatile approach that is catching on in many areas.

Always Read the Fine Print

If movable objects are owned by the venue, they no doubt come with stipulations. These can range from basics like “You can’t take the objects with you” to important considerations like, “You will have to pay for replacements if there is any damage” or “Companies are not allowed to move objects by themselves and must ask for assistance.” So take a look at the rules before you begin.

Questions about using movable objects or finding a venue with the right customization options? Connect with McVeigh Global Meetings and Events and let us help you out.