Photographs are a great way to capture fun and important memories from your corporate event. Though not everyone likes posing for a professional shot, many people enjoy loosening up and taking a fun photo with other event attendees, especially if it allows them to express themselves and get a little creative.

The photo booth is a popular option for companies that want to incorporate photo-based activities into their event. The typical photo booth involves either a machine that automatically takes photos of those sitting in front of the camera or a live photographer that takes photos in front of a back drop. There are many ways that you can think outside the box to make this typical photo-based activity more fun and unique.

Choose a fun backdrop and props. Pick a backdrop that fits with the event theme or is unique to your brand, and offer fun props that allow guests to get a little silly. The more attractive and interesting the backdrop and props, the more willing people will be to participate.

Use notecards to allow attendees to personalize their experience. Depending on the theme and purpose of the event, you can ask attendees to write on notecards before posing for a picture. You might ask them to write down why they attended the event or what they enjoyed most. This helps make the experience unique while creating a personal connection.

Create a digital album of photo booth pictures. You can print or email copies of the photo booth photos to event attendees, but you can also collect all of the memories together to create a shareable, digital photo album. When you create a photo album on your website or social media page, this helps you increase engagement and social media shares.

Allow attendees to print their photos straight from social media. Event attendees are able to capture great, candid shots that the photo booth might miss. Allow them to save these memories by using a machine to print their photos straight from social media. They can take these photos with them or post them to a memory wall or album that your company stores nearby the printer.

Post social media images from a live feed on a large event screen. Programs like Tint allow you to collect all of the images taken at your event and display them on a live feed at your event and on your website. When attendees post event photos using your unique hashtag, you can then display these photos for others to see.