[New York, February 14, 2024] - MGME, a leading force in the meeting and event industry, is thrilled to announce the promotion of Rachel Bandarenko to the position of Executive Vice President (EVP) of Creative and Strategic Growth. In her expanded role, Rachel will leverage her creative prowess and strategic vision to enhance the MGME brand and invigorate sales efforts, taking on responsibilities in both Sales & Marketing.

Rachel joined MGME in January 2020, spearheading the establishment of the Creative Services team. Carvie Gillikin, CEO of MGME, expressed his enthusiasm for Rachel's new role, stating, "I could not be happier to have Rachel Bandarenko in this new role as EVP, Creative and Strategic Growth. She is our Daredevil, willing to take risks to impress and inspire, which in turn produces success."

With over two decades of experience in event design and production, Rachel is a seasoned professional in the meeting and event industry. Her passion for Design Theory has allowed her to seamlessly integrate its principles into meeting and event design and strategy. At the core of her philosophy is the belief that exceptional experience design places the attendees' and clients' needs and desires at the forefront, making her a dedicated and empathetic designer.

Rachel has also emerged as an industry thought leader on the subject of Neurodiversity in Live Events. She is at the forefront of a movement seeking to change how the live event industry incorporates and designs for neurodivergent people, providing them with the same considerations as other underrepresented community members.

Throughout her illustrious career, Rachel has garnered numerous accolades, including recognition as one of the "Connect Corporate 15 Over 50," a testament to her enduring impact in the industry.

Renowned for her personal tagline, "I create goosebumps," Rachel's commitment to crafting unforgettable experiences has set her apart in the industry. Her ability to understand clients' brands, cultures, and goals and transform them into deliverables has been instrumental in her success.

In her new role as EVP, Creative and Strategic Growth, Rachel Bandarenko is poised to continue driving innovation and excellence at MGME, solidifying the company's position as a leader in the meeting and event industry.

Rachel Bandarenko

Rachel Bandarenko

EVP of Creative & Strategic Growth