Ryan DiBuono

Sales and Marketing Manager
Marketing & Sales

Ryan DiBuono, armed with a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Kean University, embarked on a career journey that commenced in sales and new business development. Throughout his professional evolution, Ryan took on diverse responsibilities in client engagement, digital marketing, and event design management. Currently serving as the Sales and Marketing Manager, he brings a wealth of experience from varied roles, showcasing his ability to expertly blend strategic marketing and sales expertise.

In his current position, Ryan takes the lead in marketing efforts, with a specific focus on campaign and content building. Collaborating closely with the sales team, he propels strategic growth through innovative initiatives, consistently exceeding targets. As the custodian of the online presence, Ryan manages the website and curates compelling content to engage audiences and enhance traffic. His journey reflects a steadfast commitment to excellence and a fervor for achieving success through integrated marketing and sales strategies.