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Leaders within MGME continue to be in high demand as their expertise is being called upon to speak at Pharma Forum for the event’s 20th anniversary. Renowned for being the largest, most influential conference designed for meeting and event planners in the Life Sciences industry, Pharma Forum features world-class content and unique insights based on navigating the future of medical meetings, compliance implications, and contracting strategies.

With over two decades of industry experience, Pharma Forum brings hundreds of planners representing bio/pharma, medical devices, generics, and associations. The foremost authorities in meeting planning will deliver real-time perspectives on a dynamic and unpredictable landscape.

With over 30 years of experience in Life Sciences, MGME is recognized as an industry leader and the agency’s distinguished speaking faculty members will lead sessions in their respective fields, providing thought-provoking insights for attendees.

Cheyenne Nelson, HMCC, MMP, Director of Strategic Accounts, board member of MPI MD and an advisory board member for Pharma Forum, and a distinguished speaking faculty member who serves as conference co-chair, will deliver the co-chair’s opening address and lead a workshop on Medical Meeting Planners (MMP). As co-chair, she will participate in a General Session highlighting the opening and closing remarks for each day.

Brittany Smiley, CMP, HMCC, MMP, Executive Vice President of Life Sciences, and Advisory Board Member who helped shape the content of this year’s program, will lead a track for meeting professionals with 10+ years of experience in the critical areas of strategy and team development. In addition, Brittany will oversee an interactive pod session featuring brainstorms around specific subject matter, selected by the attendees.

Meredith Garcy, HMCC, MMP, Account Manager, will join a General Session — HCP Perspective Panel focusing on meeting attendance from pre- to post-COVID with a focus on the HCP perspective. With Cheyenne serving as a moderator for this session, attendees will benefit from MGME’s stellar subject-matter experts.

Alaina Hill, HMCC, MMP, Project Manager, will participate in a session on global compliance and Congress development.

When it comes to planning events in the pharma, biotech, and healthcare industries, it’s clear Pharma Forum offers a combination of empowering sessions, world-class content, and unique networking opportunities, all led by industry leaders such as Cheyenne, Brittany, Meredith, and Alaina. MGME is once again at the forefront of the event-planning industry.


Event Details:

Pharma Forum

March 24 – 27, 2024

Tampa Marriott Water Street

Tampa, Florida