The holidays are a common time for business events – you may want to gather employees to celebrate the holidays, or prepare for the new year, or teach some important seasonal skills. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself trying to book a venue right in the middle of the busiest time of the year for all venues. We know it may be a little late to do everything right for 2016, but here are several tips to keep in mind whenever you book during the holidays – and are fighting competitors for space.

Book Early, Please

No, we mean really early. Did you know that most venue bookings for events like private dinners for the holiday season occur in mid-November? If you really want to find the best spots for your business event, you need to start looking in October and booking in early November. We understand that’s not exactly convenient (or useful, depending on when you read this), but it’s simply the best way to guarantee the space that you need – and avoid many of the problems with fighting other businesses for the right venue at the right time.

Get a List of Must-Have Attractions

Your space needs to have the right features, so take a look at your plans. Do you need a Christmas tree? Dining options for attendees? A gift exchange? Confetti? These all have their own requirements, so make your list now so you can choose the right venue space and make the proper rental decisions ASAP. If you are struggling to fit holiday features in your business meeting plans, we have some frank advice for you: Don’t. Attendees will have plenty of party options this season. If you need to train or announce something business-related, do it, and don’t worry about festivities. It will make finding a venue much easier.

Remember Your Attendees’ Own Plans

Speaking of party options, yes, your attendees may already have plans of their own. Practically, this means that in the holiday season you probably shouldn’t plan events for Fridays or weekends. Sorry, but a lot of people simply won’t be available. Instead, create more flexible evening event arrangements that won’t get in the way of other schedules.

Triple-Check Your Plans

Do you know what else happens to venue booking in the holiday season? It gets confusing – and mistakes happen. So even if you managed to book an early venue, check back in a couple times to make sure that you are still booked and ready to go. We can’t count the number of times a busy venue has forgotten or overwritten a booking just because of the rush and high demand for spaces. Avoid disaster and disappoint, and make sure things are as they should be.

Be Flexible

Above all, the holiday season calls for flexibility on your part. Learn to do more with less. Find smaller or less feature-filled venues that you can still use with a little bit of imagination. Look into more imaginative catering options or creative activities that don’t require a particular kind of space. And always remember to keep communication open with your attendees.

Feeling exasperated when it comes to planning events in holiday seasons? Let McVeigh Global Meetings and Events know what you need, and we can help you reach your goals without the hassle.