The venue is booked, the guest list is finalized, and the caterer is preparing the menu, but did you remember to double-check all the audio-visuals? According to Endless Entertainment, the following are the top-10 AV mistakes to avoid before your next event.

1. Don’t assume everyone is ready– As early as two weeks before the event, touch base with all your teammates and vendors and go over the details of your AV setup.

2. In-house systems may not cover your needs –Many venues have capable in-house AV systems, but they’re not all the same. Get a thorough understanding of a venue’s capabilities and compare costs and features.

3. Do you have to pay for power?– Before you sign a contract read all the fine print. Most contracts contain a power clause about the amount of power provided, but if it is not included you’ll need to add the additional expense to the initial quote.   

4. Setup and teardown time is limited– You’ll have a limited time to setup your AV, so make sure to practice with your team and vendors. The last thing you want is to forget components and have the whole system fall apart.

5. Confirm all rigging points– AV systems require rigging points to hang projectors, screens, and audio equipment. Confirm where all these points are located and pre-plan where each item will be hung to avoid additional fees.

6. Do you have enough projector displays?– Depending on the size of your corporate event, one screen might be enough. However, if there are hundreds of people on the guest list, you might need to up your screen numbers.

7. Check your audio inputs– Microphones and speakers require audio numerous inputs, so make sure you have enough cables, inputs, and mixing boards so they all work together.

8. How about visual inputs?– Much like audio inputs, visual inputs also require a lot of components so make sure you have enough to go around. Stick on the safe side and bring a few extra pieces in case something goes wrong.

9. Format your projectors– Plug a projector into a computer and it works right? Well – not always. Make sure your projects are formatted to fit their screen to ensure clarity and no overflow.

10. Cost isn’t everything– AV is usually one of the most expensive components of any event, but you get what you pay for. If you skimp on the AV, it could result in poor execution.

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