Entertainment is a great addition to any event, but that doesn’t mean you should jump at the first opportunity to come across your desk. Vetting event entertainment is of the utmost importance and luckily Special Events Magazine has a few tips to dodge any entertainment blunders.

1. Avoid entertainment for entertainment’s sake.

Take a good hard look at your event. Consider the theme and objective and your entertainment should work toward the common goal. Want people to have fun and dance? An acoustic acapella group probably won’t do the trick. In contrast, want attendees to educate each other? A top-40 DJ probably won’t create the right environment.

2. Always consider your audience.

When it comes to selecting event entertainment, set your personal preference aside. Choosing an act you prefer, rather than one you know the audience will enjoy, will most likely fall flat.

3. Look for entertainers with event experience

Having a fun night out and see a great band at a local bar or club, trust us, they probably aren’t the right choice for your event entertainment. There are many nuances to performing live at an event that requires a lot of practice and they might not cut it.

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