Many businesses think of community service as “extra credit” that neither makes a difference nor pays dividends. But this reasoning couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s been proven that reaching out and helping the community has tremendous social and economic benefits. In fact, community buy-in is necessary to support community infrastructure. Companies that have an organized and focused community service plan are those that make a difference and reap the most benefits. So if you’re interested in increasing your business’s community-service efforts, here are three ways to do so through company events.

1. Volunteering
Volunteering is a great way to contribute to your local community. To make the most out of volunteering experiences, it’s essential to use your resources and skills to positively impact your community. Focusing your efforts on something your business is good at allows you to impact your community in ways no one else can. You can truly make a difference. This can be done by working with community leaders to create a suitable project that meets community needs. Not only will your community benefit, but your brand and standing in the community will also grow.

Your volunteering activities can also immediately benefit your business, especially when used as a team-building exercise. This opportunity gives you and your employees the chance to work on something other than work and really bond. You can brainstorm, plan, and execute as a team. Working together to reach a common goal without normal work hierarchies makes everyone feel connected. Morale remains high for a very long time following an effective team-building exercise.

2. Giveaways
Having a giveaway that benefits local charities and causes can really make a huge impact. The key to maximizing effectiveness lies in choosing the right charities and causes. It’s important to pick a legitimate organization with responsible leaders. Good standing within your community is an absolute must. History and experience can be very important, but the idea of working with startup shouldn’t be ruled out. With proper homework and due diligence, you can choose charities and causes that you know will help your community.

3. Working with local vendors
Working with local vendors that benefit a cause is the ultimate way to increase social standing within your community. You show the community that you care and want to be involved. By working well with these vendors, you show that your business is responsible and does great work. In this regard, community awareness of your business can skyrocket. You can quickly establish yourself as a trustworthy, reliable, and competent business that’s community-minded. Leads and referrals can be generated, and resources can be made available. Your business, the community, local vendors, and their cause all benefit.

Creating a plan
Volunteering, giveaways, and working with local vendors are three great ways to increase your community-service efforts. But the first action step you can take is to create a plan. If you need any help or would like the advice of an expert, please contact our office. One of our specialists will carefully listen to your goals and then help you come up with an event to help reach them. When you choose McVeigh Global Meetings and Events, you’ll maximize your community-service benefits. You’ll make a difference in your community and will increase your brand, reputation, and business. Never again will you think of community service as “extra credit.”