Event apps provide an excellent opportunity to bring attendees together, promote sponsors, and highlight sessions. However, with so much information in one place, it’s important to ensure all this data is secure.
Before you launch a customized event app, BizBash says you should consider the following issues to catch potential vulnerabilities.

  1. Vet your vendor
    The vast majority of event app developers will have an extensive portfolio. Large companies value security, and an active portfolio will paint a strong picture of the level of security a developer provides.
  2. Require a login
    The easiest way to get attendees to use your app is to keep it open to the public and not require a login. However, this is also a good way to compromise potentially sensitive information. An intermediate level of security is to send attendees a universal password once they sign up for an event.
  3. Let attendees control their personal information
    Event apps allow attendees to create a profile to create a personalized agenda and network with peers, but some will be more willing to display personal information than others. Allow attendees to control what information is viewable to the public.
  4. Encrypt data
    Ask your app developer to provide detailed information on their encryption policies. Is server data encrypted? What about data exchanged over the internet? And what about data housed on an attendees’ devices?

Read more about event app security concerns at BizBash.

An event app can significantly improve an attendee’s experience. However, there are many nuances to the development processes that may seem daunting. The team at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events has extensive experience dealing with event app developers and vendors and would happily show you the ropes!