Recent events across the globe have a lot of people on edge. Some countries have even gone as far as urging their citizens not to travel in large groups in public spaces. This type of mindset can have a negative impact on large corporate events. However, with the right event security tips you can provide attendees with peace of mind.

1. Hire experts 
Every event is different, and each venue provides its special set of challenges. Hiring an event security company is the best way to ensure all factors are accounted for. Before choosing a company, ask for references and have a conversation with some of the team leaders on the ground.

2. Consider the event
Is your event “low” or “high” profile? Think about the capacity, types of people attending, the nature of the event, and the venue. Can any of these aspects be considered targets?

3. Prepare for protest
Event sponsors are great, but some companies may cast a negative light on some groups. Local police are usually on top of planned protests so contact them ahead of time if you have any concerns.

4. Screen attendees and staff
If you have any doubts, screen attendee guests, staff, and vendors ahead of time. Event security should at the very least have a list of names including people allowed on the premises.

5. Don’t surprise guests
If your event has a “no bag” policy, let guests know this well ahead of time. Also, provide a free bag check area, so those who forget or are attending from far away have an option.

6. Consider the costs
Event security for a major event is not always the cheapest investment, but often necessary, so it should be accounted for in your budget. If you’re lucky, the venue will provide its security at no added cost.

7. Create unique credentials
Unique event badges provide staff and security with an easy way to determine who should (and shouldn’t) be on the premises. Event security is necessary for this day and age, but can also be an intimidating factor in navigating. Let McVeigh Global Meetings and Events help you out with the process and ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Contact us today!