Throwing a corporate event on a budget can be difficult, and many people look for ways to cut corners wherever they can. However, there are a few areas that are worth the extra investment.

Audio-Video – If visuals and presentations are a big part of your event, hiring a great AV company is a worthwhile investment. Cutting corners on AV is a risky gamble. If anything goes wrong, it’s all your attendees will discuss.

Entertainment – Have you ever been to an event with a tone-deaf band or unfunny comedian? It’s pretty terrible. If you come across an act you love and come highly recommended, it might be worth the few extra bucks.

Security – Attendees safety is of utmost importance, especially if you have a large crowd. Hiring second-rate security staff that is unfamiliar with crowd control could make your event more dangerous.

Marketing – Want people to show up for your event? Don’t cut corners on your marketing budget. Successful event marketing goes well beyond creating a Facebook event, and a real professional will have attendees clamoring to get through the door.

While other firms are typically production or logistics companies, McVeigh Global Meetings and Events is a one-stop shop offering the full array of event planning services: planning, design, production, and management.

Backed by our dynamic team of experienced professionals, we provide complete, beginning-to-end delivery of every aspect of your event—along with the management know-how to seamlessly coordinate a myriad of moving parts down to the smallest detail. Our ability to “do it all” translates into significant savings for you, in both time and money. Partner with us today.