Events can be downright expensive. That is why it is essential for organizations to track corporate event ROI so that they can determine exactly what they are gaining from holding and attending events. When it comes to conferences and tradeshows, this allows businesses to know if spending the time and money to participate is really worth it. For corporate events that are held to engage customers and leads, tracking ROI allows you to gauge performance and adjust tactics to improve at later events.

Technology makes tracking and boosting your corporate event ROI simple. Here, we’ll discuss a few tech tools that can help you improve efficiency and boost your ROI.


Expensify is an app that you can use to track expenses and reimbursements. It allows you to take pictures of your receipts and track other information such as time and mileage before creating effective expense reports. This helps you improve the accuracy of your reports, which can help you determine your event ROI and make adjustments later for improvement.


Using social media at corporate events helps you improve ROI by building stronger connections with those that attend while still engaging those that couldn’t make it. Hootsuite makes event social media simplev by allowing you to access all of your social media accounts from one convenient platform. Not only can you create, schedule, and post multiple updates throughout the event, but you can use this convenient platform to respond to any inquiries and engage with followers from all of your accounts.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a great way to connect with potential corporate event attendees. Facebook ads have advanced targeting features that allow you to easily and effectively connect with those who are most likely to attend your event. You can target potential attendees by location, demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Mobile Apps

Another great way to cut down on costs and improve corporate event ROI is to create a mobile app for your event. This eliminates the need to print out excessive event materials, schedules, and promotional information. Conference attendees can access the app to get the information they need and event planners can provide instant updates and schedule changes in real time. Not to mention, speakers can use the app to engage conference attendees before, during, and after their presentation.