Your next event is ready to go. You’ve secured a venue, selected a menu, and determined a theme – what else could you need? The answer: the right staff to work the event. According to Endless Entertainment, staff can make or break even a well-planned event, so make sure to ask the following before hiring anyone:

  1. Does the team represent your brand’s image?
  2. Does the agency have a good track record?
  3. Are staff members experts in key areas? (Food, wine, music, etc.)
  4. Will hired event staff work well with your permanent staff?
  5. Does the staff meet your particular needs?
  6. Has most of the staff worked in the industry before?
  7. Am I hiring for looks, great customer service attitude, or both?

Once all these questions are answered, you will have a much clearer image of the type of staff you want at your event. Think about it. If you’re throwing a fancy gala, you want the staff to match, both in look and feel.

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