Hotels are great venues for corporate events. They provide accommodations for attendees, meeting spaces, and tons of amenities for some rest and relaxation. However, not all hotels are created equal, and you should ask the following questions before choosing one for your next event:

1. Can attendees connect?

Think about the type of event you’re planning and the attendees it will attract. Formal meeting spaces are great, but will guests benefit from on-site outlets, such as bars, restaurants, lounges, and hospitality suites, to network outside of formal events?

2. Are there too many distractions? 

Corporate events are held for any number of reasons, what’s yours? Gathering industry members in a space to close deals and “get things done” would benefit from space with little to no distractions. A day at the on-site spa or playing 18 holes at the attached golf course can be tempting alternatives to a day spent in meeting rooms.

3. Does the guest list need incentives? 

Sometimes one of the hardest things in corporate event planning is getting attendees to show up. If this is the case, maybe you actually want the on-site spa and neighboring golf course. In addition, perhaps holding the event in a small coastal town, rather than a large landlocked city is the incentive guests need to attend.

4. Can attendees easily exchange information? 

Does the hotel offer the proper technology for guests to connect, share ideas, and convey messages? This can be as technical as built-in speaker systems connected to mic’ed podiums as well as projectors for presentations, or as simple as enough Internet bandwidth to accommodate all of the attendees at once. Don’t want to ask the hard questions when selecting your next hotel venue? McVeigh Global Meetings and Events will ask them for you. Contact us today!