Coachella is one of the biggest, and most popular, music festivals in the United States. The festival, now in its 17th year recently announced its lineup for 2016 and the Internet is already buzzing.

The immediate response is a good indicator of just how much of an influence music festivals have throughout the event industry, and according to Event Marketer, there are many lessons to learn from the event planning models of events like Coachella.

  1. Feel the love
    Event attendees – especially Millennials – like to feel personal connections to an event, and they love getting behind a cause. Does your event make it seem like it cares and giving off a loving vibe? Try to create experiences that bring people together.
  2. Hire the right crew
    Treat event staff like ambassadors of your brand and good ones make all the difference in the world. Not matter the venue or circumstances, make sure your ambassadors are professional, patient, friendly, and outgoing. This perfect pairing will ensure attendees have an awesome time.
  3. Tell it from the heart
    Event attendees can tell from a mile away when someone or something isn’t being authentic with their message. Steer clear of blatant advertising and oversaturating of logos – attendees can see right through an over commercialized experience.

To learn more about lessons on festival culture, visit Event Marketer.