Planning an event is easy with the help of the professionals at McVeigh Global Meetings and Events, but there are also numerous companies currently changing the industry from within.

Fast Company recently took a look at the most innovative companies in live events, and by adhering to the age old saying of “learn from the best”, there’s a lot to take away from the following companies when is comes to corporate event planning:

1. WeWork

Already an innovator in collaborative working spaces, WeWork is a powerhouse when it comes to bringing people together during corporate events. With more than 16,500 members across the country – including a combination of startups, freelancers, and employees from Red Bull, Coca-Cola, and J. Crew – WeWork’s networking events are second to none. Every year, the company hosts a three-day “summer camp” in the Adirondacks, which is considered the crown jewel of WeWork events. In 2014, roughly 1,800 members attended and were treated to a long weekend of booze, music, water sports, and networking.

2. Snapchat

If you’re a Snapchat user, you’re more than familiar with the company’s “Our Story” feature, which was launched a year ago this month. Our Story allows users in a shared space – ranging from music festivals and sporting events to entire cities and political rallies – to share their experiences in a compiled story. The user-created content truly provides a 360-degree experience of major events across the globe.

3. HNTB Corporation

The San Francisco 49ers kicked off the 2014 NFL season in the newly constructed Levi’s Stadium. Fans attending the home opener at the $1.3 billion coliseum – designed by HNTB Corporation – were met with a truly unique game day experience. Via a downloadable stadium app, fans are instantly connected to all the amenities the stadium has to offer: in-seat food service, directions to vendors and facilities, and even instant replays.

4. DigiTour

The 21st century saw the rise of a new phenomenon – the Internet celebrity – and Digitour has capitalized on this sensation in a big way. The company started off targeting musical acts by planning “YouTube tours” where fans could gather for live performances from their favorite online video celebrities. Now, Digitour has expanded its reach to include acts from Vine, Twitter, and Instagram while selling more than 125,000 tickets to shows across the United States.

5. Intellitix

You may not know RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) by name, but you’re probably very familiar with its function. Intellitix is a pioneer of RFID technology, which serves as a tap-to-pay alternative to cash while also tracking consumer habits at major events and festivals. An RFID microchip (often embedded in a wristband) is an easy way to check into certain areas and pay at cash registers. Recent major events to embrace the technology include the European Ryder Cup and TomorrowWorld USA.

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