Panels are a great way to get industry experts together to share ideas among themselves as well as the audience. However, according to, unless a professional moderator leads the panel, it could fall flat.   A panel helps break up a corporate event while also showcasing many perspectives and real-world examples to guests. However, much like a talk show where a host controls the flow of the conversation, panels require a master of ceremonies to keep things rolling.

Professional Moderators: From Beginning to End  

A truly professional moderator will help put together a panel for you. Aspects, such as panel size, diversity, topics, and audience engagement should all be considered well beforehand.   During the panel itself, a professional moderator will quickly recognize the dynamic and direct the conversations accordingly. For example, if a panel member has weak answers while it feels like another is hogging the spotlight, a professional moderator will keep the conversation from feeling lopsided.   Once the central part of the panel comes to a close, the moderator will help lead discussions during the audience Q&A section, while ensuring the opportunity to talk is spread evenly throughout the room.   Want to learn more about what to look for when seeking a professional moderator? Read more at